The header photo for this post was taken early evening and really shows the studios off to their best. This time of year they always look welcoming and we do welcome visitors every day of the week. Remember though that the main gallery and cafe are closed on Monday. However you will find a warm welcome in the studios. There is still one space left if you want to join a happy band of artists, artisans and crafters. Pop in and have a look if you are interested.

On the art front, it has been a time for more commissions which I can't show until the new year. I have however been doing a lot on the iPad with a range of courses running at the Haworth and at Whalley Art Group. These have been great fun to run and it's been lovely to work with some great people over the past few weeks as the courses have developed.

I did pay a visit to the studios on Saturday and decided to try something slightly different with this small canvas of the Haworth.

Results from the iPAd courses here.

I have been looking at mounting the iPad on a tripod for a while and I think I've cracked it cheaply with a new gadget that connects to the iPad and the tripod. I tried it out for the first time and it was great for sketching stood up. I plan to use this set up produce a range of on the spot sketches of the Studios and the Haworth Art Gallery. Watch out for these! I’ve also been experimenting with a digital coloured ground for my sketches and playing around with a variety of tools. I’m quite excited to get started with my ’Haworth Life’ drawings and paintings.


Catherine Lansdale has been busy this week running her courses, the last one of the year on the Saturday with a winter wonderland theme. She has still been painting her portraits though with her latest one shown here. This is a Christmas gift but I'll risk showing it here as it's off to Australia and not likely to be seen by the client.

Her first course of the week saw her deliver lino cutting to a select group including Gillian Berry the Haworth Curator. The course went great with some super results, some of which are shown below.

Please remember that Catherine is still selling her gift vouchers which would make a great Christmas present for a budding artist. The voucher can also be used as part payment for one of her amazing portrait commissions. The vouchers are available from her studio or by contacting Catherine directly through her Facebook page or through her website which can be found by Googling her.


Chateauvegan... It's starting to look a lot like Christmas, well it is in Chateauvegan where Steve has been demonstrating his tinsel abilities, not so sure Suzi agreed with his decisions if the discussions were anything to go by! As well as decorating their studio ready for Christmas, have held their first shopping extravaganza this weekend.This two day event saw them open their doors to visitors with a 10% discount off all their products. They continue to expand their range and have more planned in the near future with lots of talk of vegan toothpaste on the cards. Their latest order of Greenman Soaps is particularly impressive.

Steve has been very busy cooking up a whole new batch of candles including smaller Christmas themed versions and they also have new recipes for you to come and smell.

Pop down to their studio or visit them online, you can take advantage of their 'click and collect' and discounted refill service.


Just Imagine UK...have been like whirling dervishes this week. Three Christmas Light turn on's have kept them busy, the Blackburn switch on the latest to occupy their time, followed by Accrington on Thursday.

As I wrote this, Danielle was off to meet the team in Blackburn where they warming up the crowd before the main lights turn on starting at 4.00pm.

As well as the hectic schedule they also had to deal with being in quite a serious car accident. Danielle, Sam and another performer were hit whilst stationery and shunted into the car in front. Thankfully they are OK but badly shaken, which was clear to see when they arrived in the studio the day after. Sam is very sad about his car as well which is quite a mess! gladly cars can be replaced........

One of their exciting ventures this week saw them as Reel Cinema in Burnley entertaining the children who had gone to watch the new Frozen 2 film. The team watched it the day before to get clued up and very excitedly they have their own 20 second advert which will be playing on all the screens at the cinema.

They looked amazing when they left their studio dressed as the characters as they always do.

There's only one Just Imagine UK!

Just Imagine UK's North Pole Experience is selling out fast and only a few tickets remain. If you want to attend this event please contact them through the details on the poster.


Snooty Fox Vintage... Gill has been very busy creating her Christmas orders and opened her studio to the public for her shopping experience this Sunday, with 20% off I am sure she had lots of people visiting her.. She had a whole range of candles scents and 12 days of Christmas boxes for collection and for sale. Place your order soon to make sure you get the perfect gift for Christmas.

Gill also announced a new round of her very popular candle making experiences in her Studio. These will be held throughout 2020 and take place in the Stables and at the Gallery Kitchen with an excellent cream tea. Look out for these on her newly re-branded website and her social media.


And Finally...

A new venture for the Haworth took place this week with Suzi from Chateauvegan running the first of her regular Tuesday afternoon Line Dancing sessions at the Haworth. Suzi is well known in the Line Dancing fraternity as a teacher and choreographer. She also hosts a regular Wednesday afternoon slot on Line Dancer Radio where she has a dedicated fan base.

Spaces at these sessions are very limited, so if you want to get involved, please contact Suzi directly to find out more.

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