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Studio Life - We are back!

It's been a long while, but we are opening again to visitors on the 17th May. We are still constrained by the current guidelines of mask wearing, sanitising, signing in and limited numbers, but we are back.

Since we were able to open last time there have been many changes and lots of new things on show. We have new tenants, and the old guard are still here from last time you came! Studios have been spruced and new things mounted, framed and presented to give a fresh start to what we hope is the last stages of the restrictions.

Personally I have been concentrating on local sketches around Hyndburn. I hope to place these in a second volume of the Social Distancing Series book, the first volume is still available from my studio.

I have also been painting a few pet portraits in a new style and application which is very exciting for me.

I also thought it was a good time to refresh the studio and change what is on the walls. I've been looking at the same paintings for a while and it's nice to get something new on display. I have two walls, one with an eclectic mix of the variety of subjects I like to paint, and the second wall shows some of the recent local sketches that have appeared on Social Media now framed and hung.

Oh the bee shelf is back too!!

As ever I love talking to visitors, so looking forward to seeing you soon.


Catherine Lansdale

Catherine has been extremely active both in her studio and on Zoom. She has run regular weekly courses online and by the time this is published will be back to face to face tutoring, some of it at the Haworth. If you want to talk to her about joining one of her classes she is always happy to chat and furnish you with a leaflet.

As well as the teaching, Catherine embarked on her own portrait project to recreate musical icons from her earlier days! and the ones that saw her through the last lockdown. The ten final pieces can be seen in her studio and the photo here does not do them justice. Catherine is also very interested to hear which icons you would have painted, you never know it may be included in the next ten!

Here is a close up of one of her blast from the past musical icon series....(my name not hers!) to whet your appetite.

Come and see the rest of the series in close up by visiting Catherine's studio which she has recently made over for the new visitor season.

As previously mentioned, Catherine has mastered her Zoom teaching techniques as can be seen from some of the examples on her recent owl subject from her ever expanding group of online students. These classes are now hopefully face to face, Indian variant of Covid permitting.

Finally, Catherine spent a lot of time recently, updating her extensive website. To see all her hard work have a look here


Quirky Frog Studio

Allison and Jayne have been working very hard on both their cards and fabric creations. They have a thriving Etsy shop and have found themselves garnishing lots of repeat orders for what has become to be known as 'The Card' Allison makes tons of these each week to keep up with demand.

Jayne on the other hand has taken the time during lockdown to extend her repertoire of bags, cushions and other creations, examples of which can be seen in their studio. Get in quick as these are going to be taken to the Crafty Vintage Fair at Hoghton Tower over the Bank Holiday as they have a stall there.

If you have a particular design in mind or want to commission something bespoke, Allison and Jayne are always happy to chat about your requirements.

Allison and Jayne also commissioned fellow tenant Andy Scholes to create a new painted sign for their outside studio door. I'm sure you will agree it looks brilliant.

Visit Quirky Frog Studio's Etsy shop by clicking HERE

Instagram: @quirkyfrogstudio

Twitter: @quirkyfrogs

Facebook: Quirkyfrogstudio


Leo Crabtree

Leo has been in and out of his studio over the last closure period and has been producing paintings from his walks and from his photos. Leo's studio is always changing and there is always lots to look at. Come and have a chat with him and learn about the techniques he uses and his artistic journey, it's a very interesting story.

Here is Leo's studio at the moment, it may have changed when you visit!

Leo recently took a trip to North Yorkshire to see his family following the last relaxation of Covid rules. Whilst he was there he took the opportunity to snap some photos of iconic scenes which he could paint when back in the studio.

Here is a view of the lovely market town of Helmsley.


Andy Scholes

Andy has had a major move around as he vacated his original space and moved next door into the much larger space that was the old foaling stable. It's a good job he moved to be honest as he immediately received a couple of large commissions, one for the front of a new bar opening shortly in Accrington.

Andy continues to develop his style and is now being recognised as a top glass guilder and sign writer as can be seen in the variety of work he is being commissioned to do. Here are a few examples of recent work including the design of a distressed lunchbox for friends scooter.

The trouble with larger commissions is that they need to be painted outside. This means that Andy has to play at the Chuckle Brothers as well as make sure he has the factor 50 on his head!

Visit Andy's Instagram: @a.scholsey


Pip Cottage and Becky Livesey

Julie and Becky, mother and daughter share a studio in the Stables. Julie predominantly runs willow weaving courses here at the Haworth and in the wider community, whilst Becky uses the space to create her amazing portraiture pencil works. She takes commissions for these and indeed any other subject a client wishes her to undertake. We don't see a lot of her at the moment however as she is currently concentrating on her University work where deadlines are looming. You can see examples of her work though in the studio and you can also pick up Julie's and Becky's business cards if you need to inquire about courses or commissions.


John Taylor

As Andy moved from his original space, John Taylor joined us and occupied his new studio.

John, a member of The Blackburn Art Society has fitted right in and has already produced a couple of excellent oil paintings. At the time of writing he is currently working on a different view of the Clitheroe war memorial, which is shaping up to be another masterpiece. John would love to welcome you to his studio where you can see the full gamut of his talents. In the meantime here is his studio and examples of his latest work.


Pamela Harrop

Pam has been popping in and out of her studio where she has been continuing to create her landscapes in various media. Pam likes to create paintings from her travels around the North and these can be seen on her Instagram page where she shares her creations. Here are a few of her latest works and her working space.


New Tenants

At the time of writing we have two new tenants currently moving in to the hayloft, I will be writing about them and what they do once they have settled in. What I can say is that it's nice to be able to show visitors this area of the studios and when they are in residence you will be able to see a potter at work and a couple of very clever crafters who make bespoke gifts for special events, this includes personalised embroidery. I don't want to say anymore here as I run the risk of doing them an injustice before they have set out their tall so to speak.


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