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Studio Life

This has been one of those frustrating weeks when life sort of gets in the way of art. Don't get me wrong, a trip to Blue Dolphin holiday park with the daughter and a three and six year old is great, but oh boy does it slow you down a bit. I have also had a terrible cold this week and just not felt arty. The two things I have done is a quick car sketch whilst waiting to deliver my training session at a school in Liverpool and a little more progress on my ice cream canvas which is turning into a mammoth job!

This week was the Creative Festival with lots of art based activities taking part right throughout the week. Tuesday saw the latest Creative Late organised by Catherine Lansdale. The theme this time was around artists and works of art. There were some superb models in this event including myself! I loved being the painters dentist from Greg Wood's American Gothic. As you can see I was a dead spit and I had my head shaved specially for the gig. Another fantastic and well supported evening with the next one planned after the summer. The images here give you an idea of the quality of costume and modelling.

Whilst I am talking about Catherine Lansdale, her other input into The Creative Festival was three drop in portrait drawing sessions on Saturday. These were very well attended and hopefully will feed into her other classes run at the Haworth. Even our very own Bee sat in on one of the groups.

As part of the Creative Week I delivered the latest of my iPad Art awareness sessions. This was well attended and will again be followed up by four more sessions once I've managed to get them in the diary. I'll post these once they are sorted. I also delivered the same session on Friday at Oswaldtwistle Library who were themselves supporting the Creative Festival with a range of events. This is me in full flow.

With all this iPad stuff I've been doing this week I inspired myself to produce another local sketch of Accrington. This is one of the back streets painted in the Tyasui Sketches App.


What else has been happening?

Leo Crabtree has been having a Spring clean of his studio, I say Leo, but I really mean his wife Jackie who spent a good few hours sorting his studio and enhancing his exhibition space and his working environment. I have to say she did a great job and seeing Leo working with renewed vigour is a great sight to see. You can catch Leo in his studio most days when he's not on holiday! It's also been a good week for Leo with a couple of sales, one done by Catherine Lansdale who was about to show visitors around. Lucky for Leo!


Just Imagine UK have been in and out all week and it was great to meet Harry, the newest member of the team, when Danielle observed bring your child to work day....which she just invented! What a well behaved young man he was too, not a peep and very cute into the bargain.

One thing that is a first for Just Imagine UK for their studio was the running of their Pamper Party offering. This event for a very lucky 8 year old saw the studios transformed with a myriad of balloons, special food treats and lashings of beverages. The girls were treat to a whole range of crafting activities whilst being looked after by Danielle and her team.

These are going to be very popular if their Social Networking streams are anything to go by.

To book one of these birthday experiences for your children just contact Just Imagine UK on their Facebook page or pop in tho the studio to pick up details.


Craft Fair and Open Studio

This Sunday was the Spring Craft Fair at the Haworth and we ran an Open Studio to coincide with it. Leo Crabtree and myself were in residence throughout the afternoon and we welcomed many visitors to the Studios. It has to be said that it was a little quiet all round but we were kept busy all afternoon, so much so that we treat ourselves to a delicious portion of Gallery Kitchen chunky chips to keep us going. We did share them with some visitors too, so that's how we justified it.


And Finally....

If you have the chance to go to the Haworth and have a look at the current exhibition it is really well worth a visit. The Art Gallery are displaying work by Ribble Creative Stitchers. Their embroidery skills are amazing and there are loads of pieces for you to be amazed at. Very talented. It's difficult to do their work justice in photos as I just can't take a decent photo without reflections.

Catherine Lansdale still has her 'Faces of the Haworth' exhibition running with the chance to win either a portrait or a bespoke drawing class for you and your friends. The competition details can be found alongside her excellent portraits. You can see it all on the Bell Corridor opposite the amazing Gallery Kitchen, which you would do well to visit for a meal or snack to keep you fortified throughout your art exploration.

Once you have looked at the work downstairs, go up and have a look at the Education Corridor exhibition and have a look at the current paintings by Carole Pugh from the Haworth Artists Network. This exhibition space sees a change over every month and Carole's work is very well executed. She captures wet scenes of Blackburn with great skill and she has a range or originals and prints on display.

Please remember that we always welcome visitors to the Artists' Studios. We don't observe the same opening hours as the Gallery, so if you look down our short drive and the wooden gates are open, then so are we and you can kill a little time by seeing what we do and learn about the wonderful building in which we work. The new exhibition in the Petrol Store will tell you all about us, and you can see a photo of the Rolls Royce and the chauffeur who maintained it back in the early 1900's. See you soon!!

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