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Studio Life

It's been a bit of an in and out week for me, I've been doing some other work and had a family wedding in Halifax that required me to be away for a couple of days. However I did still manage to get in the studio for a couple of full days and I did sketch whilst out and about from the car, something I really enjoy. One of these sketches was done directly on the iPad too, this is now possible with the latest iPads and their more reflective friendly screens. My favourite painting this week though had to be the Llama commission I had. This was a great one to paint. I also started a larger three foot canvas of out favourite Greek holiday destination, Parga, I never get tired of painting this place. The final painting may be ready next week. Here are my efforts for the week including the llama.

Exciting News

A couple of months ago I got an email out of the blue from the editor of the SAA (Society for All Artists) magazine, asking if I would like to have my turtle watercolour featured on her editorial page in the May issue. Of course I said yes and this Wednesday the issue dropped through the letterbox, and there was my painting, small but perfectly formed on the inside cover. A very proud moment as the audience is huge for this.


What else has been happening?.......

Our resident portrait artist Catherine Lansdale has finally mounted her 'Faces of the Haworth' exhibition. This is a series of portraits of key characters from the studios and the Haworth itself. This has taken an immense amount of effort from Catherine and the final result is amazing. If you visit the work which is located opposite the Garden Gallery cafe and restaurant, down the bell corridor as it is known, you can enter Catherine's competition to identify the characters on the wall of shame.

She has great prizes to be won too including a family portrait or a drawing class for a small group with the topic determined by the winner. Competition forms are available as part of the display. One not to be missed!

Can you put a name to these faces

And speaking of Catherine, she has begun her next series of learn to draw classes which started this Friday with the subject of drawing fur. You can find out about her courses by contacting her on her Social media streams or pop into the Studios to pick up a leaflet.


Just Imagine UK have been holding a number of auditions this week for performers to join their ever expanding troupe of thespians. I have heard three of these auditions and I am no expert, but I know what I like and these three were brilliant. There is a lot of very good young talent out there who can bash out a very good tune and are very confident when acting out a short scene. I am sure they will be a great addition to the characters Just Imagine UK can now deliver.

It was interesting to arrive at the studio just at the time Danielle was performing an experiment called...'can I drive a car dressed as a mermaid!' The final conclusion was that it was possible as the costume can be hitched above the knees allowing full use of the pedals. This was proved as Danielle sensibly mocked up the inside of her car in her studio. I'm not sure what the police would say if she got pulled up for speeding though. In fact, the way they are all dressed when they leave for a gig would give any member of Her Majesty's Constabulary do a double take. Not many have stopped Harry Potter or Alice of Wonderland fame!


Bee AKA The Dinky Strumpet accompanied our ex tenant Gabriella Golden AKA House of Roesor this week to the Aalborg Surreal exhibition in Denmark where Gaby was exhibiting some of her work. This looked like a wonderful trip and superb exhibition which would suit Gaby's style to a tee.

The trip allowed them to take in some of the culture of the surrounding area and the Social Media posts indicated that although it was a short three day trip, a lot was crammed in.


And Finally........

This is a heads up for the upcoming Get Creative Festival, a national scheme which the Haworth and the Studio artists are embracing. Starting on Saturday 11th of May with a Landscape Artist of the Year esque event where you will be able observe a number of the wider Haworth Art Gallery Artists Network painting and drawing in the grounds. This is followed with events all week and all free to attend. The schedule is shown below, but please remember to book your free place as we need to know how many seats to put out.

The week ends with a huge craft fair in the Haworth on Sunday the 19th May. The Stables and Motor House Studios will also be open to visitors, so why not come across and say hello.

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