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Updated: Jan 8, 2022

At the time of writing we were in the middle of a snowstorm which makes the whole of Haworth Park really atmospheric, its just a couple of weeks too late! As we are still in the grip of the latest wave of the pandemic, we remain open to visitors and ask that you observe the current advice when visiting for everyone's safety. We have lots to see as we enter 2022 and we look forward to another great year of creativity.

Personally I have been working on a number of commissions for Christmas which can now be shown. These comprised of scenes and pet portraits which I am doing on the iPad. I've developed a technique for these which seems to be working and I am hoping to share this at a workshop in the near future.

Here are a selection of the Christmas gifts people received. I've included a new set of bees which proved popular throughout the year.

As we enter the New Year I am continuing to produce my urban scenes using a limited palette. These currently include local scenes and ones from Scarborough which we visited just before Christmas. Here are a few examples.


Catherine Lansdale

Catherine was very busy before Christmas completing a number of commissions as well as planning her next set of courses she will be running at the Haworth starting in February. You can get details from her web page, social media or by popping into the studio to talk to her in person.

Catherine says about her recent commissions.... In these commissions were gifts going to Singapore the USA and our very own Accrington and more local areas.

Catherine is always happy to discuss commission pieces, and can produce portraits from a number of photographs by combining them into one image for the final piece.


Quirky Frog Studio

Jayne and Alison have put away the Christmas merchandise and have been working on a new range of cards which are suitable for general use, birthdays and St Valentine Day which will soon be upon us. These can be seen on their Etsy shop, website and in their studio. Just pop in anytime to see the extensive range they have on offer. Jayne is still taking commissions for her bags and other sewn goods. These proved very popular in the run up to Christmas and they will continue to sell well as she introduced new lines to her repertoire.


Pamela Harrop

Pam has been producing work in the studios for the last year and has a very nice gallery space in the Studio Tack Room. Her latest piece was inspired from a recent trip to Kirkby Lonsdale. She was planning to use this as her 2021 Christmas card but circumstances, mainly involving a printer, meant this couldn't go ahead. Here is the image though.


Jonny Lindsey

Jonny, who occupies a studio upstairs in the hayloft, was extremely busy before Christmas. As well as his commissions, mainly for bars and restaurants, Jonny is also a rising performance poet who has gigs across the North West and into Manchester. All his work and performances can be seen on his Instagram at:

@paint_yer_brain Well worth a look.

Here is a recent piece...what an ideal Valentines gift for someone special.


Becky Livesey

Becky was burning the midnight oil for many a night in the run up to Christmas completing her various commissions. Becky says this about her recent work....

BLDesign - I was super busy in the run up to Christmas, so very grateful for that in what's been another peculiar year, enjoyed drawing the many families & pets! I've had a lovely break & am back in the studio working on new things. I attended my first market in Manchester so I'm looking forward to meeting many more creators, makers & all people at spring & Aaster markets around the North West. I remain fully booked for January, please contact me on Instagram @beckylivesey or email me for more information & to enquire about February & beyond!


Pip Cottage

Julie was running her popular willow courses right up until Christmas. These are very well received and future dates can be found on her Social Media streams or by popping into the Studios to pick up a leaflet.

Julie says about whats up and coming for her...

Winter is a busy time out on the field harvesting and grading this years willow to dry and use for basketry as well as constructing and maintaining living willow structures such as arches and arbours whilst the willow is dormant. I will be running a workshop on Saturday 19th February 10am to 4pm in Stanhill, £70, for anyone who would like to learn more about the processes and get willow cuttings to grow at home/school. Please contact Julie for more info and to book /07867499929


Leo Crabtree

Leo is another artist who has packed away his Christmas cards for another year. Many people would have received one of his individual creations as they sold very well in the run up to the big day. He is now back in his studio and always ready for a chat about his work and the techniques he uses to produce it. Pop in the Studios to have a chat with him and see his extensive gallery of artworks and listen to his story of how he got to be at the Studios following an extensive career in teaching.


And Finally....

Please remember that the main Art Gallery, cafe and shop reopen on the 12th January. In the Studio we are already open, beavering away and always happy for the break to talk to visitors and show them our works. Just pop in anytime!

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