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Studio Life

We have welcomed a number of visitors from across the country this week as they drop in whilst visiting the Haworth. Always nice to have visitors come and look at our work.

I have had another cat portrait to complete, which was very difficult as it was a completely black cat which only had one eye! The eye was half close on the reference picture, so I had to add the eye from a second photo the client supplied. They have seen the final result so I can show it here as well.

I have also had the oils and acrylics out again to paint a couple of flower pictures. The first is a green background with an acrylic painted flower which has a bee sat on top. The bee is textural as it was added with the palette knife. The second is a painting of tulips which Nearly went in the bin. I started this in acrylics then changed to oils and got all messy with it. Before binning it I rubbed it with a tissue and that took some of the muddiness out of it. I completed it with the palette knife to give it some texture.

I do like some time in the studio on my own. It gives me the chance to crank up the music and get jiggy with it. I am not supposed to stay in one position long and in particular I have to move my feet regularly to keep the blood from pooling in the legs. I do like to put on the disco music and do a bit of dad dancing around the studio. I can't imagine what the CCTV would look like but I bet it would show a bloke enjoying getting down to Chic!

Dad dancing in the studio

I am running another free tablet art taster session at the Haworth on the 15th May as part of the national Get Creative Festival. There is lots going on that week and I'll mention them next week, but I just wanted to flag this up now in case you need to check the diary and book a place. The full list of events is shown on the poster here. If you can't make the Haworth, I will be repeating the session at Oswaldtwistle Library on Friday the 17th. These will be followed up by four more focused sessions which I'll mention on the day.


What else has been happening?....

The main event this week has been the first evening session run by Just Imagine UK.

Happy HeART brought together a number of people on the Friday evening with the opportunity to explore a variety of activities designed to promote well being. The visitors had the chance to paint pots, enjoy some Mindful Mark Making with Catherine Lansdale who guided people to draw the very relaxing music she was playing, the Imagination Station ran slime stress ball sessions and there was also the chance to sample and purchase a range of organic skincare products from Kerry Dawson of Tropic. This was a wonderful evening and more are planned on a regular basis. If you want to come and relax and enjoy trying something new, then book the 7th June 6.30pm until 8.30pm into your diary for the next event.

I wonder what the mark making would have been like from the disco music I have playing when I'm on my own!

Here are a few images from the evening......


And Finally......

As I reported last week Gaby has decided to move out which left a studio free to rent. We are now looking forward to welcoming our new tenant who moves in on Wednesday the 1st May. Photographer Andrew Farrington has taken the spot and we look forward to meeting him and to seeing his work. I am sure he will have a lot to add to the community of artists and creators.

I know I mention this every week, but if you manage to read down this far, please remember that we are always open to visitors. A trip across to the Motor House and Stable is a great compliment to any visit to the Haworth Art Gallery. There is normally someone at home and they will be willing to show you around our lovely Edwardian converted garage and stables. You can also learn how an innocuous building in our courtyard (The Petrol Store) paved the way for a Heritage Lottery Grant.

The Petrol Store is so important to the heritage of the Studios

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