Studio Life

First of all we would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year, and here's to a better one than 2020.

It's been a couple of months since the last blog post, and I do intend to post more often, but in this current lockdown it will be an occasional post not a weekly feature. We had to close to visitors, and we still are, but we have all been very busy fulfilling Christmas commitments which thankfully still seemed to come in. I feel it is now time to restart the blog as a new year beckons and we are still working on our various projects all be it behind closed doors. We are all available for click and collect and it is still possible to discuss commissions with us at the studio as long as it's arranged beforehand. Thanks for your continued support during these hard times, it is very much appreciated by all here.

I had a number of commissions before Christmas and since these were completed I have been concentrating on a series of quick Hyndburn sketches using just two colours plus the red for the lady of course and a touch of yellow for the bee!

As there were so many pieces done since the last post I have posted a selection below in a gallery. There will be more of these 'Slices of Hyndburn' coming as well as I plan to get more done from around the borough.

Thank you to all who purchased my 100 Days of Social Distancing book. Hopefully some will have received copies for Christmas. I still have copies available. If you want one of these before they are all gone then just contact me and I'll make sure I reserve one for you.

Catherine Lansdale... was extremely busy before Christmas on her various commissions of family portraits. These will now have landed with their new owners and the feedback for her has been brilliant. You can find more about her portraits through her Etsy shop. Just search for her in Etsy.

Since Christmas she has been working on portraits of music artists who helped to keep her sane during the first lockdown. Catherine loves her music and this collection will form a wonderful exhibition once we are open again. She is currently working on the fourth in the series.

Catherine has also adapted her classes and has taken them online. These are open for anyone to join and details on the arrangements, materials and subjects can be sought by contacting her directly.

Catherine also took us a bit by suprise this week when she proclaimed that she was off sledging in the local park at lunchtime. After everyone else refused to join her (we didn't have the required tea trays!) However she trotted off, sledge in hand and came back around an hour later knackered and with video evidence of her exploits. If it wasn't for the arrival of a large gang of kids she might still be there! She did model for us in the studio afterwards.

Quirky Frog Studio... Jayne and Allison were particularly busy working on their cards and Christmas goodies before the Christmas period. I have never seen as many cards flying off the shelf and Jayne made so many bags and cushions she was dreaming about them in the end. It will be nice now for them to make things they want... however, Valentine Day is not that fr away and I suspect they will be busy again very soon! If you would like to talk to Jayne or Allison regarding a specific product, you can find them on Facebook, Instagram and they also have an Etsy Shop.