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Studio Life

Looking at the cover image for this post, you can tell that we had a very special visitor in the studios this week. More about him under the Just Imagine UK section.

It's been busy around here again with lots going on in all the studios. On a personal level I've been working on a couple of commissions and experimenting with the iPad again on a still life theme on the subject of oranges, it actually worked out very well.

Here is my personal gallery for this week.

One nice one I did last week was the Post Office in Clayton-le-Moors. The Postmaster asked if he could hang it in the Post Office and it's lovely to see it there above the counter. The bee is looking down at everyone going about their business. Here it is again.

Finally I was asked if I would help support the Royal British Legion by donating a painting that could be raffled to raise money for the poppy appeal. The RBL are going to struggle this year if people can't get out and purchase poppies, especially now we have entered Tier 3 and many of the collection tins are locked inside closed pubs. Here is the painting, which depicts one of the 60 that went up on lamp posts around Clayton-le-Moors and looking towards the local cenotaph. Coincidentally the guardian on the top is pointing right at the poppy. A lovely unplanned addition.


Catherine Lansdale

Catherine recently had the good news that she can run her courses at the Haworth again all be it with reduced numbers and a huge risk assessment to complete. Her latest leaflet is shown below, so as demand is bound to outstrip availability, if you want to attend one of these courses then get your interest registered as soon as you can.

Her online class took place earlier in the week with the subject of cacti. As ever Catherine was well prepared as she produced her version of the image in question. Here she is pastel in hand.


Quirky Frog Studio

Working our way around the Motor House Studios and we come across Jayne and Allison from Quirky Frog Studio. Well this week We've seen Jayne on her own as Allison has been away with a stinking cold. Get well soon but keep it to yourself!! lol. We have missed the scratching of the calligraphy pen nib during her illness.

It's been a lot about experimenting and Halloween this week. Jayne has been busy developing her mask designs and added little adjusting grommets to alter the tension of the straps. She also produced a pleated mask as a test and I was lucky enough to be the recipient of the first one. I don't expect that there will be many more to be honest as they are tricky to produce.

Other mask designs included a wonderful Halloween selection that will fly off the shelf I am bats! These are limited numbers and can be purchased from the studios and on their Etsy Shop.

Quirky Frog remain busy and you can see the whole range of their sewn and hand written gifts by poiing to the studios or looking at their Social Media streams.


Andy Scholes

Andy has been busy again on his sign writing projects. His latest one will soon be on show at the studios as he redoes the ad hoc one we have in the entrance welcoming people. This was meant to be temporary and has been there about eighteen months. We look forward to the brand spanking new one.


Just Imagine UK

Danielle and Sam continue with their personalised video messages and their Performing Arts Academy is getting really busy now.

They have been having a few photo shoots of late to promote events that will be taking place in the near future. If there are any children looking over your shoulder as you read this, cover their eyes for a moment. Because.... we had a visit from Santa this week. He came out of isolation to visit the Haworth for a photo shoot. He signed the Track and Trace form so we have proof he has been. He did need to ask what date it was as in his head it's always the 24th!

I would have added a photo, but for some reason they didn't come out and I have no proof he has been.....but he did....I'm sure he did. I did manage to get a picture of his hat though as you can see from the top of the post.

Danielle has also been posing as Maleficent this week. A great image I'm sure you agree.


Leo Crabtree

Leo has been in and out again this week. He has been concentrating on his Christmas cards and owls in Santa hats by tweaking the front of this studio. He also continues to work on his Yorkshire Wolds series but I suspect this may have to be done from photos now as we aren't supposed to travel outside the area due to the Tier 3 regulations.

Here he is with one of my favourites of his that found a new home recently.

Leo is having a restock of his owls which proved popular as Christmas presents last year. as well as his festive versions, Leo has produced more in a different style as seen here.


Snooty Fox Vintage

Gill has recently added these to her reportoire of goods to support her handmade creations.

Gill says.....

Pre-order yours now! Total sell out within days of our last delivery, but we’re due another delivery in the next few days!!! These adorable plugin wax melt burners are flying out! Complimentary pack of @snootyfoxvintage handmade wax melts with every purchase... select from #blackpomegranate #seasaltwoodsage