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Studio Life

Another busy week in the studios with most of the artists and artisans in residence at the same time. It's been great to catch up and put the world to rights, especially after the enhanced restrictions which have hit the country on top of those already imposed in this area. We have had a few visitors though and we continue to welcome them with a few more rules to keep everyone safe.

It's been a busy week on the art front too. I have done a range of pieces and some can't be shown yet as they haven't hit their new owners, but here are the efforts I can share.

I also had a bit of a scribble session on the iPad and produced a couple of sketches in a different style. I had to include a bee as well.

I can also reveal that I have been asked if I'd like to display my work in a new cafe in Accrington called cafe 88. The display is now up and looks really good. Thanks to Darryl and Wendy who run the cafe and lets hope it generates interest for both parties. It's a very exciting opportunity and compliments my other exhibition in the Castle pub in the town. Here is the image of the work on display.

It is also worth paying the cafe a visit as the food and drink is lovely and they are now doing Friday and Saturday evenings until 10pm.


Catherine Lansdale

Once again Catherine has been absent from her studio as she is still making her recovery from Covid-19 which she tested positive for a few weeks ago. Hopefully we will see her in the near future, and we wish her and her family well as she makes her way on the road to recovery.


Quirky Frog Studio

Quirky Frog have been in their studio this week working hard towards completing a number of orders they have recently received. It's a multi hatted affair and as well as existing customers they are also preparing themselves for the next crafty vintage fair and the ever looming Christmas.

Jayne had a bit of a light bulb moment this week when she simplified her mask manufacturing method. With a bit of clever tweaking and redesign her masks became reversible and you now get two designs in one. Her masks and the other vast range of products they are making can be seen by visiting the studio or via their Instagram account at @quirkyfrogstudio

Quirky Frog Studio really are the ideal Christmas gift suppliers and everything is made and designed on site.


Leo Crabtree

We haven't seen Leo for a while due to him being away, but he made a return this week from a break in York. He is now looking at a Yorkshire series and we had great fun in suggesting Yorkshire based scenes for him to have a go at. Hopefully he puts this into reality and we see a number of painting from God's own country....yes I am a Yorkshireman! I have enjoyed watching Leo's latest painting come to life and showing the work in progress. This is one from his back catalogue and looks brilliant in real life.


Andy Scholes

Andy has been beavering away at his sign writing and has been getting interest for signs from a number of people. If you are looking at a new sign for a house or business or the refurbishment of something that exists then Andy will take a look and advise on the vest course of action. His gold leaf work is second to none and very skilful. Here he is hard at work.


Just Imagine UK

Danielle and Sam held another of their auditions this week which are always a delight to hear, especially when they go so well. JIUK are getting ready for a number of camp events and the details can be found on the posters. If you are interested in this or indeed their Christmas offering, just visit their Facebook page for full details.

Christmas Camp....

Welcome to Christmas Camp! A 3 day spectacle filled with magic and festivities! Build your own toy, make a gingerbread house, decorate the halls and create magical little elf doors! Not only that but we’ve heard a special guest may make an appearance too! ♥️

Half Day

Daily £15.00 - Mix and Match your days

5 Day Course £75.00

Full Day

Daily £22.00 - Mix and Match your days

5 Day Course £100.00

Bookings Via:


Snooty Fox Vintage

Gill was in residence this week fulfilling orders and yes....preparing for Christmas! She has lots of products planned and she is looking at ways of running her hugely successful Christmas wreath workshops. Watch out for further details nearer the festive period.

Gill is almost ready to release her re-brand and new website and online shop which looks amazing. It just needs a few more products adding to the portfolio before the site is launched.

Here is a preview of a couple of the new products in the run up to Christmas.


The Haworth Art Gallery and Gallery Kitchen

It felt like a little bit of normality had returned to the Haworth this week as they had the first wedding there for ages. I always like the weddings and watching the party arrive in their finery. Unfortunately from tomorrow there will be less people able to attend weddings as the number is restricted to 15. I am going to arrive dressed as a chimney sweep at some point. I've been threatening to for a couple of years!