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Studio Life

I have to say it's been great in the studios this week. Lots of artists beavering away, and we even welcomed back a few visitors, who thankfully were well behaved in terms of the safety restrictions. At the time of writing we are about to go into a more severe local lockdown, so we will have to see how that affects the studios as time and the R rate progress. However we are currently still welcoming visitors.

On the art front, for me it has been the usual mix of watercolours and iPad sketches. I was delighted to be able to deliver two iPad shop commissions to their owner who were thankfully delighted with their pieces. I have also been throwing colourful watercolours around again and to be honest I have had mixed success with one piece in the bin! but these are the rest, starting with the two shops.

I also managed to sketch outside at the weekend when we had a trip to Kirkby Lonsdale. This is a quick drawing whilst we sat in St Mary's churchyard. The sketch is the entrance to the church itself.

I also had to do another bee painting as well. This one is going to feature in the new Cafe 88 in Accrington who have given me my own gallery space in there. More on this once the pictures are up.

Finally for me, I announced my Social Distancing book a while ago and it has come a step closer as I managed to get my hands on the galley proof copy for final editing, which has now been done. I posted about it on my social media platforms and the response was amazing. In order for me to know how many copies to have done I have created an online form as a Pre-Order. If you are interested in getting your hands on a copy, please follow this link and enter your details...

Pre-Order Form


Catherine Lansdale

We haven't seen Catherine again this week as she is currently having a torrid time with Covid-19. She, along with her husband and daughter have tested positive, and apparently they have banished her son to his bedroom for a couple of weeks to protect him. I am sure Catherine will bounce back from this and we wish her well. In the meantime, she has been framing a painting she started as a sketch on her trip to Edinburgh last year. This now hangs proudly in her summer house, which incidentally she built in the Summer lockdown.


Quirky Frog Studio

It's been all about the masks and the Christmas Cards this week, well not all about that, but quite a lot! Jayne and Allison have been woking hard to prepare for the inevitable Christmas rush and I do expect to hear carols coming from their studio soon to get them in the right mood. What they are producing is wonderful and well worth popping into the studio for to place your order, or simply to browse their wide range of products.

I have to say I commissioned Jayne to make me some masks with bee fabric. She came up trumps for me with this wonderful design. A great fit and looks super. Jayne has been very busy manufacturing masks and she has some for sale in the studio.

Alternatively you can contact them on their Instagram feed at @quirkyfrogstudio


Just Imagine UK

It was only fleeting, but it was lovely to see Danielle and Sam in together this week. It was very exciting as they had their first performer live audition in their studio, and what a performance it was. I always like to comment on the vocal performances and this was up there with them. Jayne of Quirky Frog Studio nearly clapped at the end!

Their main focus at the moment is to get themselves ready for the Christmas events they are going to do this year and their plans are very ingenious and safe. A lot of thought is going into this and it will be great I'm sure. The other thing that rolls on is the Performing Arts Academies that run in Pendle and Accrington.

The zoom parties still continue a pace and Harry Potter can crop up anywhere... well anywhere where there is an internet connection! Here he is delighting one lucky partygoer.

And finally... and hot off the press, Just Imagine UK have just announced their Halloween Holiday Camp.

Details on the poster below.


Leo Crabtree

It has been nice to see Leo back from his short trip to Lowestoft and back in his studio. The first thing he did was to complete the boat painting that I have been documenting over the past few weeks. Here it is in all it's glory.

All this talk of Christmas has got Leo planning for the festive season too. His small owl paintings prove very popular as small pieces of original art to give as gifts. Watch out for this year's offering in the not too distant future.


Andy Scholes

Andy continues to wrk in his studio on a number of lettering projects. The lockdown has concentrated his efforts into his calligraphy skills and I am particularly seeing what he is doing in gold and silver leaf. Here is a practice lettering piece using egg tempera block paints and calligraphy brush.


Snooty Fox Vintage

It's a real shame that I never see Gillian as she is busy with her daytime life and only visits at weekends and evenings. She remains very busy though and has added to her range of products. The latest is shown here.