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Studio Life

The Haworth Art Gallery opened its doors this week after a bit of a panic with the lift.

This means that we are shortly to be assessed for visitors, however we are able to welcome individual or small bubble based sanitised mask wearing visitors. We can't throw the doors open wide yet, but if you want to come and see what we do you can.

It's been another busy week in the studios. Our new tenants have moved in now and are fully operational, more about one of these further down.

Personally I have been working on my own content for interest and practice as well as a few commissions. Thankfully these are starting to come back in again and it's been great doing pieces for people other than me.

My efforts this week have included watercolour and iPad stuff, some of which I can't show as yet but I am very excited to reveal them once the owners have got their hands on them.

Here is what I can show you though.....

iPad painting of the new Moffal Tops Gluten Free Deli in Accrington. Can't tell you how happy I am that this now exists in our town.

More local scenes and great to paint a few more bees again.


Catherine Lansdale

Catherine concentrated on the use of the humble biro in her online class this week. Some more great creations.


Leo Crabtree

Leo is away from his studio for a few days and just to show he hasn't been idle, I have taken the latest update photo of his work in progress. This is starting to come on now and I look forward to seeing the final piece.


Andy Scholes

It's been nice to see Andy back in his studio this week. He does play the role of Dad taxi driver from time to time, but in between he does enjoy the tranquility of his space. Andy has been looking at his branding as he takes his illustration business to the next level and he's doing a great job of it too. Andy is always available for all your sign writing needs!

He even decorated his tool box this week which looks amazing.


Just Imagine UK

JUIK performed for the first time in ages at the Hoghton Tower Crafty Vintage event last weekend. The weather stayed kind and the event was a social distant sell out. A lot of work goes into these performances and on all accounts it went down brilliantly.

They start their performing arts academy soon which is always a great one to report on, which I will do when it gets back underway.


Snooty Fox Vintage

Gillian put a lovely post on her Facebook page this week and her words say it better than I could. Here is what she said.....

Eco-conscious check in🌲

🌳Every Snooty Fox Vintage purchase you make results us purchasing a sapling tree and this being planted; dramatically combatting climate change and improving the lives of small villages around the world. 🌳

There's nothing better than walking into a home that smells absolutely divine! Explore our range of eco-friendly home fragrance curations, showcasing 12 stunning vegan friendly and cruelty free fragrances which are individually hand blended and poured using sustainable vegetable wax.

The quality of our products are incredibly dependent on the type of wax used and the quality of the fragrance oils; that's why we spend so much time refining our range and ensuring only the highest quality of ingredients are used. It's our attention to detail and commitment to customer service that really sets Snooty Fox Vintage apart from the other home fragrance companies around. Always handmade, thoughtfully considered, ethically conscious


Quirky Frog Studio

We formally welcomed the latest tenants to the Motor House this week as Quirky Frog Studio moved into their new space. This Sister team work really well together to create bespoke bags, cushions, masks and everything else you can make with a sewing machine. They also create wonderful handmade and personalised cards for every occasion.

They have settled in really well and we wish them every success in their new venture. If you want to see what they have on offer, there is a good selection in their studio and you can talk to them about personalised orders.


Haworth Art Gallery

YEA!!! The Haworth is back open, and the lift has been fixed which held things up a little.

There are restrictions and the times have been altered a little, but you can once again visit your beloved gallery. The opening times are Wednesday until Sunday from noon until 4.00pm. There is a limit of 20 people in the Gallery at any one time and the rooms are restricted to five people, however the same warm welcome is there and the experience isn't diminished as the staff are managing the social distancing, tracing and sanitisation very well.

You will find the exhibits interesting. Because the planned exhibitions have had to be cancelled for this year, Gillian the Gallery manager, and her staff have brought out some of the permanent collection which isn't normally available to view. This is housed in the downstairs rooms. Upstairs you can see the usual Tiffany collection along with a lockdown exhibit put together from the staff and others who have been creating art during the very strange lockdown period. I have a couple of pieces o the wall (look out for the bee!) as does Andrea Elleray, who's highly decorated house on Manchester Road has brought smiles to many who drive past and wonder at the colour and creativity. Her piece forms the banner to this post. Please come and visit and experience how others found their lockdown period and how art helped them to cope.

Here are a few of the exhibits.

The exhibition was curated by two of the Gallery staff ... Bee and Heather, they have done a wonderful job in capturing a very strange time.

Gallery Kitchen

It's very much business as usual for Simon and his team. They continue to serve a full menu and can safely accommodate their usual number of tables.

They aren't open Monday and Tuesday, but you can visit at any other time during the week.

Please pop in and sample lunch or an afternoon tea, you could also include a glass of prosecco if you were feeling a bit naughty.