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Studio Life

I've had another quiet week in the studio where I have been mainly on my own again. I have been accompanied by some little bundles of energy who were guests of Just Imagine UK and their holiday club, but more about them further down.

Commissions have occupied my time and I had the strangest request to date. A former work colleague asked me to paint a Fender Stratocaster guitar alongside a garden spade. The result seemed to come out well event though I was a little worried about this one beforehand.

Another commission was for a family cat and I can't show this one yet as the client hasn't yet received the final painting. I don't normally paint cats, but the pose on this one was great and the markings were very distinct. I hope to be able to post this image in the next episode of the blog.

The young kids who were resident all week did an activity where they created their own flower posies and challenged me to paint them. No small order this one as there seemed to be millions of blooms. I did have a go though and in the spirit of posting everything here is the image.

What it did inspire me to do though was have a go at another small daisy painting. This was painted in watercolours in around 20 minutes and luckily and quite unintentionally it fit straight into a small frame I had.

I had occasion this week to pay a work visit to a school in Altrincham. As ever, I arrived early for my appointment and took this as a great opportunity for another car sketch. This is the view from the car park out into the street and the houses opposite. I'm really enjoying sketching from life and the comfort of the car!

My final painting was of something I see everyday I'm at the studio, and that is the exit from the Haworth and Hollins Hill Cottage. Apparently this is where the head of the stables lived. This is a larger format painting at A3 in size.

We opened the doors this Easter Sunday to coincide with the Haworth Family Fun Day. We had a few visitors, but I reckon the beautiful weather kept people in the beer garden! I decided to get the oils out again and yes you have guessed it, another daisy. I'm obsessed with the things, the oils are something a bit different.


What else has been happening.....

Gaby is moving on :(

There has been more movement in the Motor house half of the studios. Gabriella Golden AKA House of Roesor has decide to move and re-establish her studio at home. Gaby will be missed by everyone, she added something unique in both her personality and her artwork, both of which I admire greatly. She has developed as an artist over the 14 months that I've known her and her techniques have been inspirational. I know she will go on from strength to strength and I we wish her luck in her exhibition in Denmark in May.

She will remain active on social media and can be seen on her House of Roesor username. She is well worth a follow as you never know what the next post will be!


Just Imagine UK Holiday Club.....

Photo bombing at the Hoiliday Club

Just Imagine UK have been hosting a group of children in their HQ for their Easter holiday club. This delightful group (the kids I mean) have been hilarious all week. I have been met every morning with shouts of 'STEVE!!!!!' and they have been keen to show me what they have been doing. One of their main activities was the design and construction of fairy houses in the grounds of the Haworth. These were embellished with willow creations after a session by Julie Livesey of Pip Cottage who resides in the stables half of the studios. Julie taught the kids to create doors and decorations for their houses which they excitedly went and attached.

It was great to see a very positive and cooperative group of young people really supporting each other and working together. I will miss their energy and exuberance and most especially the shouts of STEVE!!!!!!!

Julie Livesey of Pip Cottage in full flow


Becky Livesey of Blu Luna Art has been spending more time in her studio since her return to the Ribble Valley from Manchester. She is a very versatile artist and a wonderful illustrator. She is also amazing with her freehand sign-writing skills. I've never seen anyone produce text by hand so accurately and so fast. Here she is working on a cafe menu out in the glorious sunshine we've had this week.


Busy Bee AKA Bee AKA The Dinky Strumpet ran her latest Easter based children's workshops. These occur every two weeks and are on a free drop in basis. The children will need an accompanying adult throughout the session. This week it was Easter bonnets and she was kept very busy!

Bee has also been accepted to exhibit at the prestigious Platform Gallery in Clitheroe, she will be showing two pieces including her excellent textile moth which has been featured in an earlier post. The exhibition will definitely be one to visit.


And Finally......

It has been really nice to welcome a number of visitors this week. Remember that if you arrive a little early for your visit to the Haworth, you can always pop over and see the artists, as we don't observe the same opening times. Remember that the Gallery Kitchen is open from 11.00am where you can enjoy a late breakfast or early lunch. I will feature the Gallery Kitchen in another post. Suffice to say it is really worth a visit, and the food is excellent.

Wonderful food in a superb Edwardian setting

Note: Parental permission granted for the use of images containing children in this post.