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Studio Life

It's going to be a shorter post this week, as whilst I have been in the studio for most of the week, the other artists haven't and so I don't have as much to talk about.

We do however have three new tenants and all studios are fully occupied. I'll report on the new artists once they have had a chance to settle in.

I have been practicing this week with the new colour palette I am developing and I have to say, really enjoying. I also had the chance to do a pet portrait. I was commissioned to paint Bruce, a huge dog that nearly lost his home. One commission included a favourite view of Parga in Greece, one I never tire of painting, and finally I did an iPad commission of a shop in Accrington.

Here are the efforts for this week.

Bruce was a joy to paint. The first one I've done for a long while and it was nice to be back painting animals for a day.

I also completed a commission of our favourite holiday destination, Parga in Greece. We didn't get there this year, not many did to be honest. It is always nice to paint this view and I never get tired of it.

The iPad painting was done as a commission and was quite tricky. The shop window is very busy and had loads of detail. It worked out in the end and the owner is very happy with the result.

last month I mentioned that I was compiling all my social distancing sketches into a book. Well the proofing has been done and it is now in the hands of the printers for final formatting and the first galley print where I can have a final check. I can't wait to have this in my hand and ultimately out for a wider delivery.


Catherine Lansdale

Catherine has been absent from her studio, but her online class this week were painting and drawing tree frogs. They made a great job of them too.

Maybe we will see Catherine back once the schools are back and she is back from a short break away.


Leo Crabtree

Leo has been in and out, but our paths didn't really cross. I think he is still enjoying driving his new Porche and is still a bit heady with it all. I did take the liberty of popping my head into his space and took this photo of his latest work in progress. Leo has recently dusted off his oil paints and is enjoying painting this one as a series of glazes or thin layers of paint. Apparently he is looking at a dramatic sky once he has sourced some more Prussian Blue paint.


Andy Scholes

Andy is busy with pre-return to school stuff and as such I only saw him an odd time this week. He has recently re designed his business card and is hoping to hand a few of these out soon once we are back open....more on that later.


Just Imagine UK

JIUK have just completed a very successful six weeks of Summer camp. This year was very different for obvious reasons, but Sam and Danielle are very resourceful and have made the experience a great one for the children.

JUIK are performing at the Hoghton Tower Crafty Vintage event this Sunday and rehearsals have been going on a pace. They are very much looking forward to performing live again, and doing what they do best.

We are anticipating seeing more of Danielle and Sam now Summer camp is over. They do add a bit of energy to the whole place.


Snooty Fox Vintage

Gillian is getting worse than Leo for going on holiday. After returning last weekend from a wallet busting trip to Switzerland she jetted off again midweek to Sicily for a bit of R&R. Before she left she was working very hard to complete orders for a number of clients and the ones below were packaged off and sent to London town. Due to her day job, I don't see a lot of Gillian as she uses her studio in the evenings, but it is great to cross paths every so often.


The Haworth and the Gallery Kitchen

The Haworth have been given the green light to open to visitors on the 3rd September. This has taken a while as the Covid-19 precautions have had to have been put in place. Once they are open, we are going to be risk assessed and our viability and method of opening to visitors will be agreed. Numbers will be limited and social distancing and sanitising precautions will need to be sorted. But..we are getting closer to having visitors. Watch this space.

The Gallery Kitchen

Simon and Rachel have been open for a number of weeks now. They are serving a full menu and because they have spilled over into the billiard room (I still think we need a snooker table in there!) they can serve a full cover. We have eaten there a couple of times last week and I can confirm that the measures put in place made us feel very safe and the food was as tasty as it ever was. They are open Wednesdays to Sundays and can take bookings or drop in's. The afternoon teas are proving particularly popular!

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