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A productive week in the studios with lots of comings and goings with the artists. The Haworth is still planning on opening on the 29th and hopefully once it has we can get a risk assessment done to open in some form or other to visitors. However, the studios aren't really conducive to lots of visitors, but I'm sure we can come to some form of arrangement.

I have been working on a few projects and have a busy week ahead of me. I am glad that I have found a new printers who are now producing all my prints for me. They are also going to have a go at the book I am putting together which will record my experience of social distancing.

Here are a couple of pages of the work in progress which has been proof read and is nearly ready to go off for final formatting.

On the painting front there are a couple of pieces I can't show as yet as their owners haven't received them as yet, but here are a few of the other pieces I've been working on.

Finally from me, it was great to receive a visit on Monday from the bee that now appears in most of my paintings and drawings. It sort of comprises part of my signature now and comes from the bees I was painting before lockdown as a way for people to own an original piece of art at low cost. I enjoy adding these to my paintings. I was alone in the studio when the loud buzzing sound led me to the studio entrance and the massive bumble bee sat in there.


Catherine Lansdale

I haven't seen Catherine all week as she has been fighting with the Education Minister over the huge downgrading of her Son's A-Level results. This kept her away and all her attention on sorting things out regarding results and Universities. However she still ran her online session for her dedicated group and the paintings and sketches of rough textures can be seen here. I am sure that we will see her back in the studio soon once the schools get back to normal.


Leo Crabtree

Leo has been on holiday in the South Lakes this week, but took his painting equipment with him. He always enjoys painting en plein air and produced a great sketch from his recent trip to Staithes on the Yorkshire Coast.

Here is his painting from the Lake District which looks great framed and on display in his studio gallery.

Leo must have done very well for himself of late. On the back of his last painting he has bought himself a Porche and was delighted to show us all around it. I think I need to put my prices up. Here is Leo looking very proud in his new car!


Just Imagine UK

It's the penultimate week at Summer School for Danielle and Sam. I honestly don't know how they do this, thats the energy of youth I suppose. It will be nice to see them back in the studios a little more once the children go back to school. Here are a few images from this weeks shenanigans.

It's not all Summer Schools however and Danielle made the announcement earlier this week that Just Imagine UK are to play a large part at the Crafty Vintage Hoghton Tower Bank Holiday Weekender.

See the poster below for details.


Andy Scholes

Andy has been away from his studio this week but over the past few weeks he has made a few changes to his space. One of these was the installation of a large magnetic board which will help him work on larger format materials. He denied that the main function of the design was to block himself off from Leo who works next door to him, but it does mean they are fully socially distant!


Snooty Fox Vintage

Gill has been burning the midnight oil....pardon the pun! to complete lots of orders from her ever growing list of clients. Her main focus has been on a large order for a London based customer and the relaxation candles look super with their essential oils and crystals. If these don't make you relaxed in the current climate, I'm not sure what will.

Gill is always available online through her website and her physical shop, Botany in Baxenden. If you want to visit her in her studio you can arrange a one to one visit as you can with all the other artists and creators.


The Gallery Kitchen

Whilst the Haworth might not be open quite yet, the Gallery Kitchen definitely is. They are open from Wednesday through until Sunday. Simon is serving a full menu which includes their excellent afternoon tea. They are participating in the 'Eat out to Help out' scheme and If you have chance you can visit them on Wednesday to take advantage of the half price deal. I will see you there as I've already made my reservation. The Gallery Kitchen are squeezing one extra day from the scheme by opening on the August Bank Holiday Monday for afternoon teas with a free glass of Prosecco. Booking is advised.


And Finally

I mentioned last week that we have studio space free and available for rent. So if you want to join us as a creative person looking for somewhere to work at your craft then this space could have your name on it. You would be joining a diverse community of artists and artisans who have worked hard to develop a positive space by collaborating to foster a safe and encouraging environment conducive to creativity.

If you want to know more or have a no obligation look, then either contact the Haworth or pop in during the week. Someone is always there.

The available studio is the one on the left next to me....please excuse my reflection.

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