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It has been another very wet week here at the studios which has kept the visitors away, and I don't blame them! The weather doesn't stop the creativity as I have been joined by Andy Scholes for most of the week. He has decided to run his first calligraphy course, details below. Leo is absent for a few weeks so we have missed him and his chats, and Catherine has been in and out from running her courses in Bolton and attending life drawing classes. She has been busy though preparing and running her latest workshops this weekend. Read about the results below.

On the art front I have been pretty diverse this week. There has been a touch of watercolour with some poppies and daffodils, I have done some more iPad stuff with a skull painted in digital pastels and different for me I found some long buried pastels in a drawer and had the urge to use them to create a daffodil picture with some pastel pencils as well. I also attempted a dramatic sunset in acrylics. The first painting is a very quick inktense sketch from a windy picnic we had at Glossop last week.


Catherine Lansdale

Catherine is still riding high after her award last week at the Homes Manchester Open Exhibition. However it was back to business as usual with her workshops in Bolton and at the Haworth. She has two sessions here, the first on traditional still life in acrylics on a canvas on Friday, followed by space paintings on the Saturday. Some of the results from these excellent workshops can be seen below.

Now her feet are coming back to ground Catherine has now to grapple with a kiln she has just purchased to fire the work done on her recent pottery workshop. We are all watching with interest on how this s going to work out as the lack of instructions could prove interesting!


Just Imagine UK

It has been much quieter this week after the bullabaloo of holiday club last where we saw as many as 18 youngsters join us in the studios. They were great. It was business as usual though with the many after school clubs the team run. These are expanding to the Pendle District from March as well as demand has been high in that region. They are slowly creeping across the North and there is no sign of this expansion slowing down.

One thing that they have been quietly doing every Monday evening is hosting sign language sessions in their studio. The team have also been attending and the image below shows Sam proudly displaying his certificate after passing with flying colours. This skill will enable the crew to be even more inclusive when they run their private events for birthdays and other celebrations. Well done Sam.


Andy Scholes

Andy has been in his studio a lot this week and working on his new love of glass signage which includes a lot of gold leaf! The results are amazing and I'll feature his latest work once its completed. However if you are looking for a bespoke house number or name made from glass then Andy might be your man.

After the very positive response to the call out a couple of episodes ago as to whether everyone though Andy should start running calligraphy workshops, I can say that he will be running the first of these at the end of April. HE has been working very hard on the preparation for this and the number s will be limited to 12 people. If you are interested then please contact Andy, the details are on the poster below.


And Finally.....

Another call out or the last few places on my tablet workshop next Saturday the 7th March. This session will look at the tablet as a sketchbook and we will be sketching in and around the Haworth from life and photos. There will be lots of basic techniques with some advanced stuff thrown in there for good measure. If you can't make this one, I will be starting a new round of beginners sessions on the 20th March, each session being stand alone.

The workshops we run are just another arm of activity that takes place in and around the Haworth. Catherine Lansdale runs regular learn to draw classes with a huge range of topics and techniques covered. If you want to book on one of these or gift one for a friend or loved one then the details are on the poster below. Julie from Pip Cottage also runs her willow weaving sessions at the Haworth and details of these can be found in the studios where you can pick up her leaflet with full details.

With Spring on it's way it is a great time to look at doing something different and creative to break out of the drudge of the recent weather.....well that's what I feel about the weather!

See you next week!

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