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Studio Life

It's definitely been a wellybob kind of week up at the Studios. For the artists it wasn't really a problem, but for Just Imagine UK who held their holiday club there this week, it meant they had to be adaptable in what they did. More on that later.

We also now have an award winning artist in residence as Catherine Lansdale won the prestigious drawing and illustration category of the recent Homes Manchester exhibition. Full details below.

For me, I seem to have been really busy this week producing lots of pieces in a variety of media. I've painted on the iPAd, in acrylics, watercolour, inktense with some coloured pencils thrown in for good measure.

The first image is one that I was recently commissioned to complete. This was to be a view of Acrington in a Lowry style with figures and buildings. The result is shown below.

In terms of watercolour, I did a couple of paintings, one of my daughter's new puppy and one very quick sketch of poppies which just grew on the page organically.

I've also been very busy on the iPad playing with chalk pastels which I absolutely love. Real chalk pastels I hate as I don't like the mess, but I have done a few chalk sketches, one of which is shown here and another I'll post next week.

This is next door's cat which seems to have adopted us.

And finally for me I have been practising with a new media for me, that of inktense pan paints. These are solid blocks of ink which are permanent when applied. I combined these with some watercolours and pencils to produce the view of Santorini then purely inktense for the elephant, the view of the Seven Sisters and the daft selfie.


Catherine Lansdale

The week didn't start that well for Catherine as she caught herself a very strong cold. This kept her away from her studio for nearly all of the week. However the week ended brilliantly for her as she won the Drawing and Illustration category at the HOME in Manchester exhibition awards evening. This exhibition is open to all Manchester based artists. The award comes with £2000 and expert advice from the staff at Castlefield Gallery in Manchester on how to take her artistic career to the next level. a great achievement. Here are a few images from the awards evening.


Leo Crabtree

Leo has been beavering away on his Haworth paintings and here is the latest in the range. He seems to be really enjoying these and there is at least one more on the easel under way. If you are thinking of visiting Leo, please be aware that he is away from his studio until March 7th. However you can pop in anytime and see his work.


Just Imagine UK

This week we have been joined everyday by 20 youngsters as they attended the Half Term holiday club. It was lovely to welcome them into our space and it was also great to see that many of them were genuinely interested in the artwork and they loved showing me the work they had done themselves. Very impressive too. Needless to say they kept Danielle, Sam and Jessica on their toes as the weather did restrict what they could do outside. However this didn't stop them as they kept venturing out into the storms, returning an hour later clutching leaves and twigs and covered in mud.

The activities were very diverse and educational. During the week they did lots of art, den building, foraging around the grounds, general knowledge quizzes, singing, potion mixing and loads more, all done under a very strict set of rules based around kindness and teamwork.

Here are a few images from the week.

Permission granted for use of the images.


Andy Scholes

Remember a few episodes back I posted about Andy and asked if his calligraphy classes would be worth running? Well the response was very positive and as such Andy is planning his first workshop on Friday the 24th April.

The official advertising poster will be out soon, but to whet your appetite, Andy will be looking at the tools and materials used, basic Roman strokes using double pencils before moving on to dip pens and ink. Materials will be provided. This is likely to be a very popular course, so watch out for the official launch next week and details of how to book your place at £25


And Finally

If you have managed to get this far then can I please indulge myself and plug a couple of my tablet art workshops.

I am following up the very succesful session held earlier this month with another session on the Saturday 7th March. This will be on using your iPad as a digital sketchpad and as such we will be sketching around the Haworth inside and out either from life or from photographs taken on the day.

The second workshop will be held on Friday 20th March from 12.30pm. This is for absolute beginners and will introduce you to the wonders of using the tablet as an art tool. Details of both sessions and how to book are on the posters below.

Thank for reading and I'll be back next week!

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