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Studio Life

It's been quite busy around here this week with lots of comings and goings from both the artists and visitors. It is great to see everyone working away in their individual studios and looking at the diverse range of content that we all create. There really is something for everyone visiting, including those interested in heritage and architecture with our wonderful conversion of the old Motor House and Stables built in 1909.

On the art front it has been a bit of a week of experimentation before the next commissions get under way. I have also got another Christmas commission to reveal which was an unusual request for the logo from the old TV programme Tenko. This was a large format acrylic painting and very enjoyable to do. I have also done a couple of fruit based mixed media paintings.

I have also produced a watercolour painting of the Haworth. The reference photo for this was taken on one of my daily constitutionals around the Haworth. The photo was quite dull due to the weather, so I have added my own light to it.

And finally for me. Towards the end of last year I was commissioned by the Bridge Pub in Padiham to paint a couple of views of their premises to go on the wall in the lounge area. I visited and took the reference images and was given two frames that the work was to fit. These were the largest iPad paintings I have had printed at two feet wide. The paintings went very well and so did the printing and framing. These are now on the wall in the pub having got pride of place. This is the view of the rear of the pub with a redesigned sign on the wall.


Catherine Lansdale

Catherine's workshop bandwagon is now in full motion and rumbling through Bolton and the Haworth. She ran her spring flower offering at the Haworth on Friday and Saturday which saw everyone paint some amazing snowdrops and crocus.

Whilst Catherine teaches lots of other people in her Learn to Draw and Paint workshops, she also finds it important to keep honing her own sketching skills. To this end she began a new life drawing class this week and produced some excellent sketches of one of the models. Here are her efforts from the day.

Whilst we are talking about Life Drawing. Please remember that this coming Thursday the 6th Feb is the latest Creative Late event at the Haworth. The theme for this event is the 80's, and there will be lots of guest appearances from 80's icons for you to draw. The bar will also be open to keep the creative juices flowing. Here is the poster again as a reminder.


Leo Crabtree

Leo has been turning out paintings like they are going out of fashion lately. He is currently producing a set of paintings of the Haworth and the first one is just about completed, it will be featured next week.

The painting from his studio I want to share this week is one he did a long while ago, but it is a personal favourite of mine. Talking to Leo about the work he didn't seem that happy with it, but everyone that sees this original piece of work immediately falls in love with it. It is so different from his other work and well worth a visit to his studio to have a look in person.


Just Imagine UK

Danielle and Sam have been in quite a bit this week before they set out on their travels to the numerous schools across the North West they now visit weekly to run their after school clubs. One thing they did concentrate on this week however was a massive clean up of all their spaces. With lots of performers and a wide range of characters all needing their own costume accessories, it's easy for things to get misplaced and hard to find. Sam donned the rubber gloves and Danielle set off for the local store for boxes, and a couple of days later and their space was transformed.

As well as cleaning up and running after school clubs, Just Imagine UK remain extremely busy at the weekends with the numerous parties and events they run, and one other event that took place this week was examinations for the sign language classes they host on Monday evenings.

Remember the next Happy HeART event takes place this coming Friday the 7th February. On this event Gill from Snooty Fox Vintage will be making wax melts and there will be lots of other craft based activities to take part in.


Becky Livesey

I have not really featured Becky that much on this forum as she is quite elusive. Her University work means we don't really see much of her during the day. However she has a very active instagram presence and her illustrative work is amazing and she is well worth a follow at @beckylivesey

When she is in, Becky adds great energy to the place with her happy approach to her work, here is one of her recent pieces.

Please contact Becky if you want to discuss commission work and her window sign writing services and face painting.


And Finally

The Haworth is a wonderful place to get married. We see lots of weddings here and it always gives me the chance to don my chimney sweep outfit and go and wish the happy couple all the best. So, if you are thinking of the Haworth as your wedding venue please visit the upcoming Wedding Fair to be held here on the 16th February. Details on the poster below.

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