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Studio Life

It's been a very quiet week for me in the studio, mainly because I have been away in Lincoln between Sunday and Wednesday. However I still have a little to report as not everything has been silent in here even though I have been alone in the Motor House side of the studio block.

Going to Lincoln was a great trip. I thought Lincolnshire was flat and in fact it mostly is until you arrive in Lincoln City. It has the biggest hill I've ever seen! with a massive cathedral and castle build smack bang on the top of it. Imagine lugging all that stone up the hill hundreds of years ago. I always carry a sketchbook and the good weather gave me the opportunity to do some sketching on site. My efforts are seen here.

Once back in the studio I got straight down to completing a commission I picked up from an ex pupil I used to teach. It's scary to realise that some of these past students are now over 40! Where did that time go? The commission was of Poppy, a trainee PTSD dog. The reference photo was lovely and I loved the harness as much as the dog. The paintinghas arrived safely in Cornwall and I have a subsequent commission from the new owner. I'll be doing this one later in the week.

Another studio painting was a tonal sketch of Accrington bus station painted in indigo. I love the colour indigo and using a single colour to try and convey a scene, and the shadows in this were the thing that drew me to do this painting.

The final piece of art for this week is a sketchbook drawing whilst I was sat in the car waiting for my latest rehab session. I have done a few drawings from this car park and I am running out of scenes to sketch. However I'm looking froward to the tree changing over the seasons. I also plan to produce a few of these and use colour as well. I'll post the results here.


What Else Has Been Happening?....

It has been really nice to see Leo Crabtree spending more time in his studio. Leo has not lost any of his charm and silver tongued panache. For example, we had a couple of visitors the other day, one of who came from Australia. They were here to see the Tiffany glass at the Haworth but had arrived before the Gallery had opened. They came to kill some time before the Gallery Kitchen opened. I gave them the tour and showed them everybody's work. I then introduced them to Leo, and within 15 minutes they were leaving with two of his paintings under their arms! I understand they did haggle a little, but Leo wouldn't have given them a lot.


Just Imagine UK have been on form this week with their new slime workshops. These involve groups of children in a make your own slime experience. These parties are hosted by a Just Imagine character and are completely themed around that character. I saw two of these, with the first ones run by Danielle in a LOL theme. LOL's if you are not familiar, are small egg based dolls which young children are currently going nuts for. I know as I have two young Grandkids who have some of them. The LOL character got her first outing at these parties, which did coincide with quite a few visitors to the studio. Danielle spent more time having her photo taken with the grown ups than with the kids!

It was amazing to see the two LOL sessions develop and how excited the children get. Just Imagine UK do fully immerse themselves and the children completely in the experience and this was demonstrated by a comment I overheard, when in a lovely moment, one of the girls said to Danielle, "This is a magical place" Job done then.

The second party was run by Harry Potter and again the kids loved making the slime and chatting with Harry. The experience concluded with some broomstick training in the studio courtyard. The children loved this part of the session. I was lucky to be able to see Harry before he left and managed to get a selfie with him. A cherished photo.


And Finally.....

Easter Sunday is coming up and I'd just like to flag up that the Haworth Art Gallery are having a Family Fun Day and we are throwing our doors open to visitors too. There are a number of artists going to be there and you can come and see them working on pieces as well as have your portrait sketched or you face painted. Don't get those two mixed up!

Busy Bee will also be running her Easter Bonnet craft workshop for children. A free drop in session for children.

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