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Studio Life

It's been a varied week. Lots of comings and goings in terms of the artists and visitors. It is nice when there are lots of artists and artisans in residence and this week has seen many tenants in at the same time. We have also welcomed a good number of visitors.

Art wise it has been mostly iPad for me. I have been working on a pet commission, but I have been struggling with it. I hope to get it done next week after meeting the animals in person this Friday. I have been playing around with some daft selfies on the iPad and producing a local view from a photo taken on my return home from a local Indian restaurant midweek. The quick sketch worked out well. The 30 day sketchbook challenge continues and I have so far managed everyday. I have just included one of the sketches which I have tried to do very quickly each day.

As I mentioned last week I can now show Christmas commissions starting with the ducks. This piece was done for a friend which was gifted to his daughter. Apparently it went down well...phew!

My first tablet art workshop is now looming with the date being February 8th. This beginners session is suitable for anyone with an iPad or an Android tablet. I am using a free App for this which must be downloaded before the session. The booking details are on the poster below, should you want to grab a place on this Saturday afternoon session.


Catherine Lansdale

Catherine has started her courses again this week with two sessions of her black and white charcoal and chalk offering. This kicks off a long list of workshops she has planned, all held in the Community Room at the Haworth. These compliment her Bolton based classes she operates a couple of mornings a week.

Catherine left the Studios on Friday evening very excited, as she was attending the preview of the Manchester exhibition where her painting 'Cannulas' has been shortlisted in the drawing and illustration category. We have all our fingers crossed for her in the coming weeks before the result is announced.

The preview was a very popular event with huge queues to gain entry. As well as being shortlisted in a specific category, Catherine also has a chance to take the peoples prize, so if you get a chance please give her a thumbs up and add a vote for her. You never know, we might soon be saying 'The Award Winning Catherine Lansdale'!


Days of Contrasts

Catherine Lansdale and myself will be running three more Days of Contrast workshops. This follows on from the successful offering late last year.

These days see Catherine running the morning session in traditional media, before I take over in the afternoon to investigate the same topic on the tablet, either iPad or Android device.

These sessions are stand alone and can be booked individually or as a block of three. The details are on the poster below, including information on booking and the times, dates and subject matter.


Leo Crabtree

It has been a busy time for Leo as he juggles his busy home life and being a grandad to small children with his commissions at the studio.

He has been working on paintings for others as well as for himeslf, his painting of Cricceth in North wales being a typical example. I have included one of his pieces here which is a particular favourite of mine. This view is of the path through the park running past our studio. This and many more Leo originals are available from his studio. You can also find Leo on Facebook under 'Art by Leo'


Just Imagine UK

It has been great seeing Danielle and Sam in the studios this week as they continue to plan world domination and the various parties and events planned for the near future. The school sessions have now begun in earnest and the Performing Arts Academy held at Accrington Town Hall is well under control.

The weekends see the team visiting a number of children's parties as a variety of characters. This week Spiderman and Superwoman attended Elliots 4th birthday.

To book Just Imagine UK for your event, visit them on their social media streams or have a look at their website HERE


Happy HeART

Just Imagine UK also host the monthly Happy Heart event. This Friday evening Studio based event will be held on Friday 7th February at 6.00pm.

This month Gill from Snooty Fox Vintage will be holding a micro workshop on Fragranced Wax Melts where she will be taking everyone through the process of making a clamshell wax melt. The cost for this activity is just £3.50 per person.

There will also be lots of other activities going on throughout the evening, so please make sure you book a spot to avoid disappointment, by contacting Just Imagine UK.


Snooty Fox Vintage

As mentioned above, Gill will be starring at the next Happy HeART event.

She is spending the weekends in her studio after her work in London during the week. It has been nict to come in to the building to gorgeous fragrances after she has been 'cooking candles' on a Sunday. Pop into her studio on Saturday and Sunday to see her every expanding range, see her new branding and talk to her about her processes and the sustainable materials she uses in her products.

Remember her first candle making workshop takes place on Sunday the 9th February. This is a two part event where you will make your own candle after blending your fragrance before partaking in afternoon tea at the wonderful Gallery Kitchen at the Haworth. Contact Gill on her Social Media streams to find out more.