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Studio Life

I've been feeling very sheepish this week, well I have painted loads more sheep for my sheep shelf. These have been proving very popular lately and they give people chance to own an original piece of art for only £10. As well as these baaaargain pieces I have been continuing with commissions which included both iPad and traditional pieces. As ever I can't reveal some of these but the stuff I can show is highlighted below. This includes my latest pub painting at night, or one of the two views I've been asked to do. I also created an otter acrylic palette knife painting which was done in a single day with an early start of 7.30am. A great peaceful time to start work in the studio. A small acrylic painting of the Haworth was also doen last weekend whilst I was in residence. The final piece I did in the studio was a gaggle which is the term for a small shoal of koi carp, well it is in my head. This was done using my own reference photo taken whilst feeding the fish at a garden centre in Ashton under Lyne. This was painted using a palette knife whilst trying to convey the feeding frenzy.

Finally for me, I have booked a series of courses for 2020 running up until summer. These are iPad, phone and other tablet sessions and collaborations with Catherine Lansdale with more of our day of contrasts sessions which proved to be very successful on the last run. Watch out in the New Year for full dates and details of these sessions.... now for the art......


Catherine Lansdale....... has been wise... in her studio this week. Her courses have now finished for the year, but she hasn't been hanging around getting more booked into the diary for 2020. Her schedule is posted below.

She also had a great piece of news this week in that the painting entitled 'Cannulas' has been selected by Home in Manchester for their next Open Exhibition to be held in the New Year. Competition to get into this exhibition is very intense with only 25% of entrants selected. This piece was created by Catherine following a visit to her daughter in hospital following major spinal surgery a couple of years ago.. Both the painting and her daughter are good!

As mentioned above, Catherine has booked in numerous sessions at the Haworth in a range of disciplines. Please contact her via the details on the poster for booking information.


Chateauvegan....have been busy creating millions of candles for their exciting retail opportunity at IKEA in Warrington. They have been invited to hold an individual popup in the store where they will be selling their whole range of vegan friendly products. Meanwhile in their studio, Chateauvegan continue to add to their Christmas stock which is keeping Steve very busy. Pop along to their studio to treat your nose to their wide variety of products and pick up a great Christmas present for someone special.


Leo Crabtree has been in residence for most of the week and has been as busy as ever. He has been creating more of his owl paintings and adding a Christmassy touch with a red hat, I am sure these will be popular both in the studios and his Church craft fair over the weekend.

Leo's bespoke Christmas cards continue to be very popular, he is currently selling sets of 6 cards for £5, I do recommend popping to the studio to pick up a pack before they are all gone, this has become an annual feature for Leo and his cards are starting to become collectors items. Pop into the studios to see Leo and have a chat with him and let him tell you how he creates his art and what colour palette and tools he uses.


Andy Scholes....our latest tennant Andy has been occupied his space for much of the week. A freelance graphic designer, sign writer and illustrator Andy does much of his professional work on the computer. He is using his studio to get back to basics and create hand drawn signs. It's been great seeing his creations come to life, and his portfolio of art and heraldic shields are amazing. Pop into the studios to see Andy at work and chat about his work or to discuss potential commissions.


Just Imagine UK...have had a most crazy week. They have been extremely busy preparing for one of their most ambitious projects to date, that of headlining the Accrington lights turn on, which went amazingly on Thursday evening. The rehearsals for this event were very well managed and thorough, the team burnt the midnight oil on a few occasions which all paid off. A great team!

They have a special guest visiting their studio/grotto this week end too. Father Christmas dropped in to entertain a large group of children on both Saturday and Sunday. A great transformation of their HQ which got promoted to grotto status. Well done Danielle and Sam, us old codgers can only dream of having your energy again!

Santa paid a visit to the grotto on Saturday and Sunday to the delight of a number of families. Whilst they were waiting on Saturday they were entertained in a hilarious manner by the Grinch who took great delight in poo pooing everything, it was a wonder to behold! The new rug looked amazing as well.

Santa with 'Nut' his helper Elf


And Finally.... It is really festive at the Gallery Kitchen following the tasteful decoration of the bar and cafe areas. If you have never visited the amazing cafe and bistro at the Haworth then I urge you to book in for a relaxing lunch or afternoon tea. They have now begun the Christmas menu which looks delicious. The Gallery Kitchen is open from Tuesday to Sunday and opens at 11.00am. Whilst you can drop in anytime, If you are planning your visit in advance it's a good idea to ring and book yourself a table.