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Winter is starting to draw in now and it has been time to tape up the gaps in the doors and get the draught excluders out. This doesn't stop the creative juices flowing and it has been lovely to see nearly all the studios occupied at the same time. I have never seen it so vibrant before, long may it continue as everyone works together to complete commissions and get themselves ready for the Christmas rush, More about what individuals have been doing below.

Personally I have completed a large dog portrait commission which I can't show here as the owner hasn't received it as yet. But to stop the wastage of paints left over from the piece I have decide to do an under the boardwalk painting, or under Blackpool North Pier to be honest. This is very much in the early stage as yet but i am still posting it here as a work in progress.

Friday saw me run the first session in my series of iPad art workshops. I met some lovely people and we looked at a range of apps to help the digital artist. I'm looking forward to the next session on Friday where we will be looking at still life paintings on the tablet.


Catherine Lansdale continued with her portrait commissions this week, but also diversified by the successful completion of Studio Signgate! Along with the massive assistance of her other half, Catherine saw the elaborate and beautifully painted car park sign finally get erected to ensure visitors can't possibly miss us. She also mounted and excellent exhibition in the Community Room in the main building. This included a wide variety of the work done by her students attending her various learn to draw courses. The exhibition forms the headed image for this post.

Friday afternoon, Catherine could be found in her second home at the Haworth running another of her workshops. The title this time was portraits of children and babies. This was accompanied by her usual relevant music playlist of child and baby based songs. Not a very easy subject either as children's faces are in a different proportion to the adult version and drawing them is counter-intuitive. They did very well though.


Chateauvegan have been very busy stocking their space with lots of new items. These include a new range of soaps and bathbombs, these all accompany their own range of candles and melts available at the Studios. So if you fancy a decadent bath with a champagne bomb, then you know where to come.

All their products are paraben and SLS free and fully organic and vegan. Visit Chateauvegan to get the run down on their products from Steve who will tell you all about their range, their philosophy and if you are lucky he will throw in some history of the Stables and Motor House Studios.


What a week it has been for Just Imagine UK. To be honest they worked so hard last week on school club and late evening appointments that Danielle and Sam looked exhausted on Monday morning. However they have youth on their side and they don't rest on their laurels and after a good brew and a clean of their Studio, they were back to their normal exuberant selves. Halloween saw them create their own spooky grotto ready to receive little ones trick or treating with a Harry Potter theme. They welcomed over 100 people throughout the evening and Chateauvegan stayed open to entertain the parents. Just Imagine UK also employed the newest member of the team as a micro Harry Potter!

The evening required a lot of pumpkin carving and these were ultimately illuminated and placed down the drive to guide in the visitors.

Pumpkins a plenty

Not satisfied with one late night, Just Imagine UK held the latest in their Happy HeART events. These Friday night jamborees are free to visitors with lots of art and craft and chatting. Once again Chateauvegan were in residence to promote their products in the run up to Christmas. One of the activities was autumnal tree in Brusho. These seem to go down very well and the results were brilliant. The next Happy HeART event will be held in January where the craft materials will be put back in their boxes to be replaced by bean bags and duvets in a slumber relaxation and meditation evening.

Brusho Trees with autumnal colours

To make the evening longer, Just Imagine UK held a late rehearsal for their upcoming Murder Mystery event to be held at Tastebuds in Whalley. to find out about this event and their other activities please visit their website or their social network streams.


And Finally....

If you are a creative person looking for a studio space to create you art or crafts then there is a studio with your name on in the Motor House side of the Studios. You would be sharing space with myself, Catherine Lansdale and Chateauvegan. You would have the opportunity to have your own personal working studio and be able to sell your wares from your space. You also get access to the Community Room over at the Haworth if you wanted to run courses on your particular craft or art form. So, if you want to join this great little community of creatives and be part of this weekly blog, all you have to do is either pop in and have a look at the space and see Yvonne Fullalove the Gallery Manager to discuss the rental.

Another advantage of moving in with us is that the Gallery Kitchen Cafe and Bistro based in the main house, do amazing chunky chips to take prepared to share though!!

Come and join us as the latest tenant in the Motor House

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