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Studio Life

Its been a week of acrylic painting and the completion of a large four piece iPad commission. I fancied painting another tiger, this time showing its teeth. A large canvas and three days later Roary was completed. I have to say I was pleased with the way this one turned out. Weird, but my favourite bit is the fold in the tongue. The iPad commission was four pubs at night all owned by Pendle Ventures. This involved a bit of travel late at night to take reference pictures from Sabden to Preston with a stop at Clitheroe in between. I can now show these now they have been delivered to their new owner and I have his permission to post them here. Gladly this has led to other pub commissions and a local chip shop, which I am currently doing. Next week will be busy with these as well as a couple of dog commissions which have just landed. The puffins and chimp from last week and the week before will soon be winging their way to their new owners.

Remember if you have a commission in mind for Christmas, please let me know soon as slots are filling up.

If you want to know how to do this kind of art on the iPad, there is still time to book a place on my series of Friday afternoon in November workshops at the Haworth, Details below.


What Else Has Been Happening?

Catherine Lansdale ...... has been absent a lot of this week as half term kept her with her family. However, I did see her early in the week when she had a huge portrait commission to complete. Eight different people from a number of different photos and all wearing different styles of clothes needed mashing together into a single pastel portrait. She was determined to finish this and didn't go home until she had. A great result. To support her classes in Bolton, Catherine prepared the pumpkin sketch in pastels for her delegates to take inspiration from.

Finally for Catherine, I just want to plug her workshop this coming week, Thursday in fact. 'Scrumptious Sketching' still has places available and will see you drawing and eating cream teas, with brunch on arrival. What is not to like on a course like this! The afternoon teas will be supplied by the excellent Gallery Kitchen, and anyone who has had one of their cream teas will see that this is not an event to be missed. Details below.


Chateauvegan...... have had their first week in their new studio and are getting used to studio life. Steve has been honing his sales pitch and his script on the history of the Stables and Motor House Studio history. They have lots of interesting things planned for Christmas and I've heard the planning and the ordering of the new Christmas items. Sorry for the use of the 'C' word so early in the year, but it does need early planning. Pop into the studios to visit their space or look them up on their various social networking sites. Just search for 'Chateauvegan'


Becky of Blu Luna Art..... has been resident in her studio more of late even though it is early evening when she comes. She recently returned to University to study an MA and the flexibility of this allows her some more studio time. It does appear that she is ousting her mother from the studio as her studio has been rearranged and even carpeted to make it a little more homely. Her display board at the entrance to her space has taken shape and has been made resplendent with wall lights to illuminate her work. Becky is still taking commissions for Christmas (the C word again) but you will need to get in quick as she can only manage a limited number a week due to her studies. She is even branching out into colour with the purchase of some lovely pan pastels. I am really looking forward to seeing what she does with these. You can always find Becky hanging around on Instagram as 'Blu Luna Art'. Give her a like and order your commission.

You never know you might even get a colour commission if she gets her pastels going!


A New Tenant

Last week I reported that Hannah Roach had moved out as she moved to Manchester and her new home based studio. This week her spot was taken by Andy Scholes a freelance graphic designer. I don't have a lot to say about him or his work as yet as he has just been moving in some of his equipment. However his graphical work looks amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing more of his work and writing a feature on him in the near future.


And Finally......

I have reported before on strange goings on in the studio.....well the latest incident happened the other evening. I was first in to the studios last Thursday morning and was met with some of the lights on and a witches hat in the middle of the floor. On closer inspection I suspect this is down to Sam Newsham of Just Imagine UK and his scatter brain...sorry Sam we all love you to bits.....but it's true :) However on mentioning this to Danielle she said that that the evening before, Becky had messaged her to say she heard footprints in the hay loft above her space and a scraping noise in the void between the roof and inner ceiling. So much that she called upstairs to see if anyone was there. There are lots of stories of horses hoofs and sounds on the stairs leading to the hayloft. Halloween seems to be kicking off early around here. And speaking of Halloween, remember that Just Imagine UK will be accepting trick or treaters in their studio on the night, with special guests to greet the children.

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