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Studio Life

Embrace the hail!!

Whalley Exhibition

Well what a week. I'm shattered! Not much in the way of art but lots of shifting about and exhibition building. The week started by myself, Bee AKA The Dinky Strumpet and Gaby AKA House of Roesor meeting up at first thing at Whalley Library to mount our latest joint exhibition. This will run during the month of April with the possibility of an extension into May. I mounted my Throwback paintings which were recently exhibited at the Haworth Art Gallery. Gaby is displaying her Japanese inspired digital prints and Bee has mounted her Amazing Accrington and Scavengers content. Three very different styles of work and well worth a visit of you are near Whalley in Lancashire. We are getting good at this as the whole thing was unpacked and up within the hour!

It's all change

Well what a to do. This Tuesday was studio move around day. Sam Bond has moved upstairs into the hayloft with Molly of Made by Molly which left a small studio free. Catherine Lansdale and myself decided to split the space and have a bit more space each. Tuesday was designated moving day and after lots of measuring and hair pulling, shouting and balling, toy chucking (all by me to be honest.....) and hard graft! we managed to sort ourselves out and move into our luxurious new spaces. It is nice to have some more room to work and store materials, I am also looking forward to producing some bigger format stuff in oils and acrylics. I have uncovered my large easel for this purpose, it's never been used yet.

The move was helped by an impromptu performance of YMCA by the Village People where we were joined by Danielle and Sam from Just Imagine. This performance was captured on film and can be seen on the Just Imagine UK Facebook page. HERE. Worth a look!

Whilst it has been a quiet week for actually producing art, I have found it quite strange working in a different space and to be honest I am feeling a bit weird sat in a different direction within a different environment. I've had a couple of unsuccessful attempts at painting, but as the week has gone on, so my mojo has returned. This was done on Thursday morning and turned out ok..ish. It is weird how your environment can have an influence on the way you work. I've sat in the same position for over a year now and I've found painting at art group difficult too. I always try to sit in the same spot there too. I love my new studio though and I am looking forward to trying out new things

Final Tablet Art Session for this cohort

Friday saw the final session in my series of Tablet Art Sessions. By popular demand, we looked at digitally painting and sketching portraits, either self, family, well known person or animal. I was joined in the Education Room by the dedicated group of digital artists who created some super renditions of the human face and in one instance a pet.

These sessions have been very enjoyable and to be honest I have really enjoyed the company of the group, I am going to miss their company on a Friday afternoon. I feel I can safely say that this has been a very different artist experience for most of them and it has hopefully shown them something new they can develop themselves.

I am planning on running more of these sessions in the future. These are not learn to draw sessions, but how to paint and draw on a tablet which has similar techniques to traditional painting with a few tips and tricks that make the process enjoyable for artists and non-artists alike. Give my Facebook Page a like HERE to be kept informed on the future sessions.

A selection of today's portraits.

My version of a pencil sketch using the iPad and the Procreate app. Digital pencils at their best.


What Else is Happening?....

Gaby of House of Roesor had some very exciting news to share this week, in that she has been selected to exhibit in Denmark at the Aalborg Surreal 2019 exhibition at the beginning of May. She is busily working on content for this annual event which is growing each year with 2019 being a four day exhibition.

To find out more about this prestigious art exhibition click HERE.

Bee AKA The Dinky Strumpet will be accompanying Gaby on her trip. They are going to have a ball! I very much look forward to hearing all about it, watching the preparation work develop and see the final photos!

Bee is still Journalling

Bee is still busy creating her junk journals. These are proving very popular and make excellent way to record your thoughts and experiences. She has a range of these in a variety of themes. Her current work is based around her pocket journals, all of which can be seen in her studio in the Motor House. See her work on her Facebook Page HERE. Alternatively her journals can be seen in her display at the Haworth Art Gallery shop.

Bee adding the final touches to another pocket journal


Another 'Cosmic' piece or two

It was great to see Hannah Roach this week. Our paths don't really cross that much as she works during the day. However she is keeping really busy with her art and putting in the hours. As well as working on a large acrylic canvas, she has two more commissions for her 'Cosmic' pieces which require a lot of scissor work and lots of time. She is also experimenting with digital art using Photoshop and one of her pieces can be seen here along with the debris from 'Cosmic'. Her work in progress can always be seen in her studio in Stables half of the block.


And Finally.....

It was sad to see our neighbours the Art Garden close their doors for the last time. As previously reported, Rebekah has had the exciting opportunity to establish a similar venture in Northern Ireland and she moves there in May. Whilst in a way it is a happy event for her, the sale of the Art Garden fixtures and fittings has been a sad thing to watch, and now the building is temporarily empty. Once renovated and a new roof added, it will be reopening to new tenants and we all look forward to seeing who moves in to this large stand alone space. Once again...Good luck Rebekah! and do keep popping in to see us before you leave.

Stop Press.... I know how everyone is urging Just Imagine UK to adopt Peppa Pig as a theme..well I am anyway. Just a quick update on the current state of play. It looks like there is progress here, unfortunately it is negative as I've been told in no uncertain terms that it isn't happening. I'm now banking on Paw Patrol with Sam Newsham playing Ryder. 'No job too big, no pup too small!'

Just as I finished writing this blog,the postman arrived at the studios to drop off a parcel for Just Imagine. I like deliveries and I was dying to know what was in it. Turns out it is their new team shirt designs to reflect that they are no longer NW but UK. Great to see them going from strength to strength and I hope the next shirt will say Just Imagine Worldwide!

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