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Studio Life

Even though I've been absent quite a bit this week its been nuts around here. We have new tenants and Catherine Lansdale and myself ran our first collaboration in the form of a one day workshop. more about these two events below. Whilst work did take me away a couple of times I did still have chance to do some more sketching from the car. I am nearly through my first out and about sketchbook which has been out and about with me since February. The car sketches are really enjoyable and they certainly make sure I arrive on time to my appointments with some spare time for a quick sketch.

I did also have time to complete my puffin painting. This was great fun to do and thanks to Ian Parker for permission to use his photo as a reference. I've shown it here alongside my chimp painting of the same size.

Finally for me, I have been working on a commission for a pub chain to paint their four pubs on the iPad at night. I just have the last one to tweak, but I will be releasing these next week. I am really excited at this commission and especially the results. It did take some travelling around the are to photograph the pubs at night especially when it didn't get dark until 9.00pm for the first ones.

Places are still available on my range of i Pad workshops throughout November. These are on a Friday afternoon and start on the 2nd November at 12.30pm. In these three hour sessions I plan to teach everyone the hints, tips and cheats to producing art on the iPad using the Procreate App. The first session will an introduction to iPad art where no device will be needed. IT is designed to whet your appetite to see if tablet art could be for you. Booking is essential and details can be found on the bottom of the poster shown here.


A Day of Contrasts with Catherine Lansdale and Steve Crowther

Catherine Lansdale and myself hatched a plot a few months back to collaborate on an art workshop and it came to fruition last week in the Community Room at the Haworth. The 'Day of Contrasts' workshop saw delegates work with Catherine in the morning on a pastel sketch. Following lunch they were handed over to me to work on the same subject but on the iPad. I have to say the results from both sessions were amazing and I know both Catherine and myself thoroughly enjoyed the experience. So much so, that we are already planning the next offering which will look at a particular artistic technique which can be done in both traditional and digital media. Here is Catherine with the group after both sessions. Oh and notice her new snazzy personalised aprons now worn by the delegates on her Haworth courses.

The whole day was enhanced by Catherine's famous themed musical playlists. Flowers for this course and a real eclectic mix of tunes for the delegates to guess the title and artist for. Great fun all round!


Just Imagine UK

Last weekend Just Imagine UK took over the grounds of the Haworth for their latest photo shoot. I personally didn't see the characters, but looking at the images it seemed like a superb event for them and should really support the events they have coming up in the near future. I have to admit that I have never seen a single episode of 'Game of Thrones' but apparently the White Walker character is a spitting image of the one found in the classic. And if you watch the video on their Facebook page, I bet you didn't know how much they enjoy a McDonalds apple pie (other popular takeaways are available)



We were excited this week to welcome new tenants to the Motor House side of the studio block and this week Chateauvegan moved into their own studio space. Suzi and Steve spent all day and well into the evening to get their space how they want it and the result is spectacular and well worth a visit to the Studios to have a look. Chateau Vegan produce their own vegan, sustainable and organic candles, diffusers, bathbombs, soaps and lots more. Their dedicated men's range is a winner and has a wonderful scent. You need to see their range and their space to appreciate the hard work that has gone into this startup. In fact Suzi was so keen to get to the studio, she tried to climb over the wall from the car park as a shortcut! now that is keen!

Please come and have a look at their space when you are visiting the Studios, remember that with Christmas on it's way we are an ideal place to get that special personalised gift such as a portrait, pet portrait bespoke painting and Chateuvegan merchandise.

Follow their Social Networking sites for more details on their products.


Leo Crabtree

Leo is the longest serving member of the studios now and still produces excellent paintings. He has not lost his local acclaim and has people visiting the studios just to see him and his paintings. He always managed to sell his artwork, whether it be one of his hugely popular small owl paintings or his larger masterpieces. This is his latest painting that can be seen in his studio.

Watch out for Leo's popular Christmas cards which he is busily producing with the help of Sam Newsham of Just Imagine UK


And Finally...

Things are livening up in our little piece of heaven. We have one new set of tenants moved in, another is moving into his space next week, I'll do a feature on him once he is in place, and more artists are coming to view the one remaining studio. This is a great community we are building and there is such a diverse range of arts and crafts on show that a visit across the car park is a must for every visitor to the Haworth. Once you have had a spot of lunch and been wowed by the Tiffany Glass, please consider popping across and paying us a visit. You will find that as well as the arts we produce, you can find out about out building and the historical significance of it to the main house. You will be amazed at the transformation and the historical significance of the Stables and Motor House.

As well as looking at our wares, you can also pick up information on the various courses we run at the Haworth. These are as diverse as sketching and drawing, cream teas and sketching (sounds brilliant) willow weaving and with our new tenants Chateauvegan....Line Dancing! Ask Suzi about this when you are in.

Finally Finally......

It was sad this week to see Hannah Roach move out of her studio space. Hannah had been resident since January but our paths very rarely crossed. Due to her full time work, and lately her move to the centre of Manchester, keeping her studio just wasn't viable. We all wish her all the best in the future and she has already posted photos of her new home based studio which is very exciting for her. She will be missed, as she brought a very unique style to her studio! Good luck Hannah and keep creating.