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Studio Life

The last vestiges of Summer greeted me last Monday morning with this splendid butterfly waiting by the door as I arrived early to open up. I don't expect to see many more of these until next year.

We have had a huge number of visitors this week and some actually purchased art from the studios. It is always nice to see people popping in, especially if they are going to leave clutching a new piece of art. Many who come are revisiting their youth as they remember the studios as they were prior to the renovation. They are always amazed at how the building has been transformed.

Artwise I have been throwing acrylics about and en thoroughly enjoying it, continuing my wild animal series. I also splashed some Brusho about on a favourite view of mine of Parga in Greece. Can you see the giant gorilla that appeared by accident emerging from the sky! Finally I have also been planning the classes for Whalley Art Group which I now run on Monday evenings. A touch of colour theory last week and daisies in acrylics this coming Monday. I am determined everyone will take away a painting they are happy with. Photo next week if the plan goes well!

A Work in painting next week


What Else Has Been Happening?

Catherine Lansdale continues to juggle her commissions with the numerous courses she runs. There is so much happening coming out of the studios at the moment, I have added the events to the end of this post in it's own whats on section. Catherine did run a competition during her recent 'Who's Who' Exhibition, the winner came to collect her portrait prize this week. Shown below.

Catherine ran her watercolour landscape offering twice this week in the Education Room over at the main house. This went down very well and the results were impressive. Don't forget to scroll down for the other courses on offer.


Just Imagine UK

Christmas must be just around the corner, as the elf costumes have emerged from storage. The festive season lasts for months up here in the studios and it's great. Just Imagine UK have been in residence this week mainly planning their current bid for world domination, the plan seems to be going very well too. They held another successful Happy HeART event on Friday night to end their week. These monthly evening meet ups give the chance for the visitors to have a go at a number of craft activities and to have a good natter. The numbers are increasing each month and the next one will be advertised on their social network sites in the coming weeks.

Just Imagine UK never sleep and have parties and events outside the studios delivering magic to loads of people throughout the weekend. Oh to have that energy!

Sam Newsham continued his stilt walking practice and entertained the large group of visitors we had this week, they must have wondered where they had come to! Always good to have a variety of things going on, it keeps us all on out toes.


And Finally...

This takes the form of a Whats On this week. We have a number of courses running over the next few months and it seemed like a sensible idea to post all the information here. To book onto any of the offerings, just follow the details on the individual poster.

You can choose from iPad Art, iPad and traditional on the same course, general 'Learn to Draw and Paint' and sketching and eating cream teas....what's not to like!

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