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Studio Life

It's been a week of experimenting with my new love for the palette knife taking over my activities in the Studio. I have completed another iPad commission of a range of pubs I'm doing for a chain. I've got a couple more of these to do, unfortunately I can't display them here. I have been drawn back to animals and have thrown a lot of paint at canvas boards and swooshed it around with a variety of palette knives. The elephant was the first of these and then I used the same colour palette to do the rhino, both done on 20 x 16 inch canvas panels. I did frame the elephant and plan to do the same for the rhino. I only had the opportunity for one car sketch this week at the car park of the local leisure centre again, and again for a very short time. I've still displayed it here.

Finally for me I have done another of my local scenes by night, this was done from my reference photo as we stood outside the local pub after the fire alarm went off!


What Else Has Been Happening?

Catherine Lansdale has been up to her elbows in people wanting to learn to paint and draw as she delivered another raft of workshops both at Hobbycraft in Bolton and at the Haworth. Her seascape workshop was very well attended and I did manage to gatecrash at brew time to take this photo of the group at play.

As well as running her courses Catherine has also been working hard on her numerous commissions and I've seen her working on a couple in between preparing for her courses by emptying the yellow toner on the printer! She is also offering he clients, alter ego portraits and this is one example she did for a couple in the USA.


Just Imagine UK have continued their plan for world domination this week. Sam Newsham is really starting to get the hang of the stilt walking before the first booking for the Greatest Showman offering starring the stilt walker. He just needs to learn how to fire breath and he will clean up I'm sure. They have also continued to plan for Christmas with a very creative offering of Grinch photo shoots along with their Photographer Chris Loyd. Halloween prep is also well underway, more so than Brexit by the look of it!

Becky of Blue Luna Art has also completed their window art, which looks brilliant.


Hannah Roach has been in for part of the week even though I haven't seen her myself due to the hours she keeps due to work. She did message me a couple of pieces shes been working on an I have added them below. Even though she has a full time job, she still manages lots of art which can be seen on her Instagram feed.


And Finally....

Two former tenants, Gabriella Naser and Bee Daly have mounted their two month long ' Metamorphosis' exhibition in the Education Corridor at the Haworth Art Gallery. This surreal work has taken a lot of time and effort, not only in the preparation of the pieces themselves, but also in the mounting of the exhibition. I urge you to go and visit this very different exhibition and spend some time reading the narrative that underpins the work. The official photos are displayed below as a teaser.

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