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Studio Life

It's been business as usual this week. Lots of comings and goings with the Studio stalwarts of myself Catherine Lansdale, Just Imagine UK and Leo Crabtree in residence. It has also been nice to see Becky back in after her summer of working at music festivals. More about her later. There is also evidence that Hannah has been working in her studio but I very rarely coincide times with her.

This week I have been working on a number of projects. I had a couple of commission to complete which the owners were happy to receive. I can't show these as I don't know whether the final owners of the pieces has seen them as yet. The night paintings of local hostelries have continued but I can't reveal these as yet. I have also done more watercolours and been experimenting with palette knives and acrylic. One more successful than the other, but I'm still showing everything, good and bad. The iPad has been out and about with me with another come to life sketch in the car park of the local Leisure Centre. Finally I have been happy to take over the running of the Whalley Art Group Monday session. With a few new members I have been preparing sunsets which is the subject for this coming session. I'll let you know how it went next week! fingers crossed.

Here are my efforts for the week minus the two commissions.


What Else Has Been Happening?....

Catherine Lansdale has been very busy this week. Not only has she got millions of commissions to complete, she has got a whole new raft of courses running at the Haworth and her regular venue of Hobbycraft in Bolton. Her Haworth based courses this week were a little different as they were based on the art of Pollyanna Pickering currently on display at the gallery. Catherine's sessions were taken from the Education Room to the immersive environment of the gallery where Pollyanna's paintings are currently hung. The results over the two days were amazing as everyone attempted the tricky subjects of tigers and barn owls.


Just Imagine UK

Its been a TALL order this week for Sam Newsham as his bespoke stilts arrived. These are one foot higher than he is used to so he did look very large when he donned them for the first time. I was just thinking how painful it would be if he fell from that height, just before he crashed to the ground! Undeterred, he was straight back up with the help from Danielle and myself as it's impossible to recover from the floor with five feet legs! Sam hasn't hit the floor since and is dong a little everyday to build his skill and confidence which is working.

Spiderman flew in or rather webbed in for a photo shoot this week. This character is proving very popular for Just Imagine UK. I understand he will be out and about this weekend at a children's party. Unfortunately the Haworth refused him access to the Gallery Roof. Even Spiderman has to abide by Health and Safety regulations. What is the world coming to!


Becky of Blue Luna Art has been back in her studio after a summer working at a range of music festivals. Oh to be young again! but to be honest seeing some of the photos shes posted over the last few months I'm glad I am ancient. As well as her amazing portraits of people and animals she has been commissioned by Just Imagine UK to use her expert sign writing skills to add a little something to the windows of both their HQ and the window above the main entrance. If you look closely enough you can see one of these creations emerging.

Whilst it has been great to see Becky, she might be a little sparse over the next year as she is off to University to complete a Masters Degree. We wish her well and I am sure she will be using her studio for some of her studies.


And Finally....

The handing in for the Haworth Open is now complete and the artists will have been informed as to whether their works have been accepted for the exhibition. This major event takes place from the end of this month until December and replaces the current Pollyanna Pickering exhibition which has been very successful and drawn a large number of visitors. The Open is a very popular Exhibition for the Gallery as it contains dozens of paintings from artists across the region. If you are coping to see this over the next few months, please pop across to the Artists' Studios and have a look at us at work and see the amazing conversion of the old Garage (Motor House) and the Stables, a quite unusual building where horses and cars were garaged and stabled under the same roof.

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