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Studio Life

It's the last week of the school holidays which means that things might start to get a bit busier around here. Catherine Lansdale spent the week grabbing the last of the family time before her other half and children all go back to school and Just Imagine UK have now completed their six week stint of holiday clubs at the Town Hall in Accrington. I've just about had the place to myself except for a couple of short visits from Hannah and Leo.

Whilst I've been a bit of a Billy No Mates, I have still been quite busy and have produced quite a lot this week. For some reason I've been obsessed by boats and done a few paintings of them which to be honest I am quite happy with. After a trip to Kirkby Lonsdale last weekend I painted a view of the town and followed it with some you do! I have also done another in my series of wall mounted postboxes, this time painted on the iPad. The last two are a delicate early morning scene of Stonehenge, well that's what it's supposed to be and as I was on my own on Saturday I had a full studio day and painted the Alsatian dog in watercolour.


What Else Has Been Happening?

Not a lot really....I'ts all about me this week!


And Finally

It's great that I have already got some bookings for my up coming iPad art workshops in November. I am going to publicise it more nearer the time, but if you fancy seeing how the iPad can be used as an artist's tool then come along and make an early booking. ...Details below.

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