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With it being the holidays I've found myself on my own this week, at least in the Motor House side of the stables. I have been joined by Leo Crabtree for some of the week and it's always nice to chat to him. He also made a major sale this week which was a bonus for him. I have to admit that other things have taken my time and I've not being in residence as much as I would have liked. I have sold a couple of my small sheep paintings so I replenished my sheep shelf with a few more versions, including an LGBT sheep which was a joy to paint. I also had a go at a small boat, a subject I don't have much experience with, I was happy with the way it turned out though.

Cardiac Rehab class this week again and I always like to arrive slightly early if I can to sketch on the car park. I need as much practice on cars as I can get. This was my only sketchbook entry this week.

Finally I have also been busy on the iPad again. The night paintings have been very popular and I was commissioned to produce one of their house for a present and I was delighted to do so. I also painted the local kebab house. I was also very pleased to be asked for a print for the local pub which will be taking pride of place in the bar. The A3 print turned out beautifully and it should look great once it's framed and hung.


What else has been happening?.....

A very fishy tail....

A strange sight greeted me on Thursday last week when Danielle from Just Imagine UK turned up clutching what looked like the larges haddock I have ever seen. However, on closer inspection the new acquisition is the latest in the Just Imagine UK repertoire of characters the Mermaid. With this costume and the relevant training Danielle will be able to run Mermaid parties at the Hyndburn Leisure Centre pool with the new relationship she has with them.

It was also very nice to see Cinderella and Prince Charming getting on so well after their date at Darwen Market this Friday. I took the opportunity to grab a very rare photo of the couple before the only thing left was a glass slipper. I am sure you agree they make a lovely couple.

Just Imagine UK have been busy over the weekend running a variety of parties and apparently Spiderman got his first outing this Sunday. I hope to have photos and report on this next week. Danielle, accompanied by Emily, did run her latest pamper birthday party at the Studios. These are very popular and a wonderful experience for and young girl and her group of friends. If you want details of these you can find them on their Social Network streams or by popping into the studios to get information from there.

Just imagine were very happy to reveal that they were taking over the rest of the hayloft following Sam and Molly's departure. They have simply outgrown their current allocation up there and the extra space will allow them to be a little more organised in the storage of their various costumes as well as somewhere they can get changed in comfort and private.


And Finally....

Open Exhibition The call is now well and truly out for the Haworth Open Exhibition which runs from the end of September until December. If you fancy entering up to two pieces into this prestigious exhibition then all you need to do is come to the Haworth and pick up an entry form. You then need to prepare two pieces (or one if you want) apply mirror plates for mounting, complete the relevant paperwork and put a nice crisp £10 note into a self addressed envelope which will be used to post the selection results to you.

This is a fantastic opportunity to exhibit your work and you never know you might even sell something. Remember the Gallery take 36% commission so price your pieces accordingly. Good luck!

You also still have some time to see the Pollyanna Pickering exhibition but you need to get to the Haworth over the next month to make sure you don't miss out. We have heard nothing but amazing comments from people wandering over the the studios after visiting the main house. Here is a sample of the sort of thing you can see. Why not stay for lunch too at the wonderful Gallery Kitchen which is open at 11.00am, one hour before the main Gallery. Not Bank Holiday Monday however when it is closed.

Pollyanna Pickering - Exhibition now on at the Haworth

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