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Studio Life

It's been a week of vertigo and time off due to a last short break before my missus goes back to work. The vertigo is something that hits me from time to time and stops me in my artistic tracks. I can't concentrate on anything serious for long periods of time as the looking down makes me feel really dizzy and sick. Because of this I painted lots of quick sheep which only took around ten minutes each. This way I could accomplish something without falling into my paints! I enjoyed these so much I nipped out and bought some frame and created a sheep shelf on the edge of my studio. All for sale for £10 a pop.

I've also been able to continue my night series of iPad paintings with three more efforts of establishments around Clayton-le-Moors where I live. The first is a well known pub and junction and the second is an equally well known Indian restaurant and the third a less well known convenience store. All very enjoyable to paint and done in the Procreate app.

As mentioned above, we had a few days away and decided on a favourite of ours, Scarborough. I took the sketchbook and we took ourselves off to the once magnificent, but now sadly under performing Grand Hotel once the rain started. It was a great place to shelter and a good chance to sketch the lobby and the one hour queue to check in!

iPad Course

I have decided to run another series of iPad courses in November. I will be using the same app as I have used for the night paintings and the first introduction session will lick off on the 1st November. This is an early look at the poster before I begin to publicise it in earnest nearer the time.

Joint Venture

Before the above range of iPad sessions, Catherine Lansdale and myself will be running a dual session where the same subject will be covered by Catherine in the morning and then covered by me on the iPad in the afternoon. This is our first joint venture and we are very excited to be delivering this whole day workshop. Publicity will be going out soon but if you want to get in early, the date is the 16th October.


What else has been happening?.......

Catherine Lansdale has taken a break from her sign design to complete more portrait commissions this week. She has also been hogging the photocopier as she also prepares for the various courses she runs around the county. Remember her latest 'Learn to Paint and Draw' sessions are booking up fast and will be held at the Haworth as per the poster below.

As well as producing these two portraits during the week she has also had a very strange request to draw an oak tree for a client the picture of which is shown below. A bit of a strange request, but the customer is always right!


And Finally

There have been more changes in the Studios as two tenants have decided to leave us. We say good bye to Sam and Molly who took up a shared space in the hayloft. Since their collaboration both have found it difficult to make use of their space due to personal commitments. Molly has decided to go back to Uni, and complete her degree in textiles and we wish her well in that venture, all made possible by her young son starting school. Exciting times ahead for her! We also wish Samantha the very best, she has recently ventured into her own textile designs and I don't think we have seen the last of her creativity either. I look forward to her new creations as she shares on her social network streams.

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