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Studio Life

A bit of a mixed bag this week with a few paintings with different subjects. The week started off with a try at flowers and a daisy painting. I've not really done many flower painting before,but I really enjoyed this one.

The next sketch completed during the week was another local one from Accrington town centre. I'm always trying to inject some sun into the town and this is my latest attempt at making the mundane beautiful.

We also had a few coach trip this week with loads of visitors. Luckily these were a bit happier to spend money with us! I this situation I like to have something I can come back to after running tours around the studios. This time I painted this rusty old car. Something a little different which took a while to complete but again fun to do.

One other painting was the quick sketch of the Studio block as the header image for this post. This one is in my usual occasional sloping to the right style. Something I just can't seem to correct and annoys me intensely!!

I can also now reveal the pet portrait I completed last week. This has been delivered to it's new owner and is already on the wall. This was another enjoyable painting even though the reference image was a bit blurred. One of the skills with portrait painting is altering the reference image to make it something you can work with. There are a number of ways of doing this, but I find that the free App, Snapseed is as good as anything for correcting an image.

I have another two pets to immortalise and I will be starting these next week. I'm looking forward to these, as the reference images supplied by the clients are of a great quality and quite quirky. The dog I am painting as it has the nice back story of it being a PTSD dog in training. It is a wonderful animal and will ultimately be helping people who have suffered trauma in their lives.

Whalley Library Exhibition

This coming week myself, Bee and Gaby will be mounting our next exhibition on the travelling tour. This time we are taking over Whalley Library for the month of April and will we showing a range of paintings, digital art and applied 3D art. Come along and have a look as the display will be there until the end of April.

Bee, AKA The Dinky Strumpet is displaying her excellent Amazing Accrington content, I am mounting my throwback exhibition of childhood memory paintings and Gaby AKA House of Roesor has created lots of bespoke pieces for the exhibition which she will be revealing for the first time.

If you are in or around Whalley during April, please pop in and have a look.

I'll be writing about this exhibition in next week's episode once we have mounted the work.

Tablet Art Workshop

On Friday I held my penultimate tablet art workshop in the Education Room at the Haworth. This session looked at tablet art and landscapes. At the beginning of the session we all went on a walk around the Haworth grounds and took reference photos which concentrated on sky and deep shadows as the latter really brings a landscape to life. We then returned to the safety of the Ed Room and talked about the images we had taken and how they could be split into layers before starting the painting. There were some brilliant results and hopefully this will spur everyone on to have a go at home.

The final session next week will look at portraits and the homework is to bring a reference photo of either themselves, a family member or celebrity that we can try and immortalise in digital paints and pencils.

I will be starting the whole series again beginning with a free awareness session and dates will be released once they have been booked.

My example workshop piece


What else has been happening?......

Mothering Sunday marked the last Sunday of the month and the Open Studio event. We took advantage of the visitors to the house to throw open the doors to visitors who could come and see some of us at work. These events require something you can come and go with so I decided to have another go at my daisy painting in a larger format. I actually liked it better than the one done earlier in the week. Catherine Lansdale offered Mother's day 15 minute portraits and Busy Bee ran the latest in her fortnightly free workshops for kids. The topic this time was Mother's Day cards and she was kept busy with youngsters designing their own creations from a wide range of materials available. These workshops are free and you don't have to book. However children will need to be accompanied with an adult. Pop into the Haworth or the Studios to pick up a schedule of workshops which are planned right through 2019.

Catherine and two of her portrait victims!


And Finally......

I am a little excited! there has been some moving around in the studios and Samantha is moving into the hayloft with Molly. This has left a spot free which Catherine and myself are going to split between us. This gives me half the space again, which doesn't sound like much, but it will give me the chance to do larger work. I have an easel I have never used and I'm looking forward to using this to produce canvasses. Hopefully, in next weeks edition I will be able to reveal my new space.

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