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Studio Life

It has been very quiet around the studios this week. The holiday period being well underway, means that most artists are either away on holiday or having quality family time, and Just Imagine UK are busy running their holiday club at the Town Hall. This has meant that I've been on my own all week and have enjoyed ramping up the music and throwing open the studio doors to let some sun and fresh air into my workspace. It has been a week of pet commissions, post boxes and iPad night paintings. I am really enjoying painting the new series of wall mounted postboxes and people are telling me where they are around the area. I've got a few to go at now, but here are the ones done this week.

As well as the post boxes I've been busy painting dogs...three to be precise. It's been a while since I have done a watercolour dog and these were very enjoyable to do. It's amazing to see how it comes out of the page at you as you add the different layers of watercolour.

I have been continuing my night paintings of my local area of Clayton-le-Moors. These are great to do and I'm loving the results. We took a walk around the area the other night and took loads of reference photos for future paintings a few of which will look brilliant if they work out as I hope. Keep checking back for further examples or follow my facebook page at...

This is the latest one of All Saints Church.

The last painting I did this week was a very quick sketch of the Haworth from my table in the Studio. It was done with no drawing or planning and only took a few minutes. Fun to do and a good way to use up left over paint from other projects.

iPad Workshops

This is just an early heads up, but my iPad paintings have prompted a few questions about art on the tablet and to hopefully answer some of these and show people my iPad art techniques, I have booked four workshop sessions at the Haworth as on the first 4 Friday afternoon's in November. I will be posting information about these in future posts and on my social network streams, so If you want to see how art is produced on the iPad then I am taking early bookings for these sessions which will be delivered at a cost of £20 per person for each of the sessions.


What else has been happening?....

As it has been so quiet I only have one other piece of information and that is that Catherine Lansdale has just announced her latest group of 'Learn to Draw and Paint' workshops at the Haworth. The dates and times can be seen on her poster here.


And Finally

Oh how my life has changed over the last two years!

Those who know me will know that I am a bit of a gadget freak. However lately I have had to take a step backwards from the other courses I used to run which involved computer coding and STEM based engineering projects to teachers. Whilst I do still deliver these occasionally I always like to see a high tech gadget, and I was delighted when the Haworth decided it would be a great idea to count the number of studio visitors, and to that end they ordered a new 'clicker' for us to use. obviously I bagged it straight away and have loved clicking in all the people who came to see us last week. Oh what fun....and if you want to be a click as well as a number, just pop into the studio block when you are visiting the Haworth.

Don't forget that the Haworth is also a super spot for some lunch at the excellent Gallery Kitchen, but please remember that whilst the studios are normally open on Mondays, the house and Cafe are closed.



Just before publishing this post, news reached me of a new character arriving from the USA to join Just Imagine UK. He has been expected for a while and made his spidey appearance at the studios earlier this afternoon. Spidey is available for parties and details can be found on Just Imagine UK's social network feeds. Watch out for their new website which is going to be launched soon.

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