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Studio Life

It's nice to be back writing the blog after my Greek holiday last week. It's been hotter than Greece around the Haworth and throwing open the doors has been the order of the day. I have been busy since my return and easing myself back in with some warm up sketches and watercolour paintings. I also did quite a bit of sketching in Thassos. These were pen sketches as I only took my trusty sketchbook and fineliner pen. My efforts can be seen below.

On returning I took a couple of my photos and converted them into watercolours, I also did am aeroplane sketch from a photo which I took at the airport. I have since been informed this is not allowed in Greece and I could have been reprimanded.. Oops!

Another painting was a gift to a previous recipient of one of my recent paintings. She was devastated at the death of Zak her budgie. I painted this for her as a gift.

It is always sad to lose a pet and Zak was much loved and apparently a bird that chatted for England.

I hope the painting helps her to remember Zak and she was happy to receive the painting through the post this week.

Finally from me, I've started a new series of paintings and sketches. I am going to produce a series of wall mounted post boxes as I come across them. These will be A5 in size and will be done in a range of media. Watch this place for subsequent versions. This is the first.


What else has been happening?......

Catherine Lansdale has finally got her studio how she wants it following the recent studio shuffle. Her space looks great now and shows off her work very well. Catherine is always busy either in the studio or running her drawing courses at Hobbycraft in Bolton. She has been running her courses at the Haworth too. Since I've been on holiday she has been running colour theory sessions and her new full day ceramics offering which she will be repeating I'm sure. I you want to know about her courses then pop into the studios and meet her in person or drop into the Haworth to pick up information. She can always be found hanging around on Facebook too.

As well as her courses, Catherine is always busy with her commission work. One of her latest is seen here.

Finally for Catherine, she was pleasantly surprised when opening the latest copy of the 'Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre' magazine that her sketches have been featured in the whats on section. Always nice to see your work in print.


Hannah Roach has been in her studio this week in between attending festivals which I think has influenced her current work. It appears from her studio space that she is starting to construct a huge planetary system, which is growing along a line above her space. I look forward to seeing how this develops further and whether we will detect life on any of the planets!


And Finally....

This Saturday, The Haworth Art Gallery launched their latest exhibition, which will be running until September 22nd. The Pollyanna Pickering 'Painter of the Living World' exhibition is very special to the Haworth due to her patronage of both the Gallery and the Motor House and Stables Studios which she opened before her untimely death in March 2018. This is an amazing body of work, and her Daughter Anna-Louise gave an excellent presentation of the work and expeditions of her and Pollyanna, Anna-Louise also continued to explain the work of her Mother's legacy, The Pollyanna Pickering Foundation. The audience were spellbound and were also delighted to be joined by the Mayor of Hyndburn, Cllr. June Harrison accompanied by the Mayoress Cllr. Joyce Plummer who formally opened the exhibition. The great news was also announced that Anna-Louise has agreed to follow in her Mother's footsteps and become a patron of The Haworth Art Gallery.

Anna-Louise introduces the exhibition to the Mayor and Mayoress of Hyndburn



It has been a very hot week for everyone. There are lots of dog walkers passing through the Haworth grounds, and to help their pets we always put out water for the dogs when the weather gets hot. We welcome all visitors, but if you are a dog walker and you fancy giving your pet a drink, just pop into the Studio courtyard where you will find a fresh bowl of water. If you want to visit the inside of the building as well, don't let the fact you have a dog with you put you off, we have had many four legged art lovers!

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