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Studio Life

It's been glorious for much of the week which gave me the excuse to not sit at my easel watching paint dry, but to get outside on a garden chair with a brew and enjoy the view. The hot weather has seen us throw open the doors, but it hasn't stopped the hard work and I've been busy painting this week. The easel saw two pieces this week, a quirky goat and a dog commission which took some doing to be honest due to the shaggy nature of the animal. Hopefully I did it justice in the end and I'll share it next week once it's been delivered to its new owner.

I haven't been out and about either which means I've not had a chance to do one of my impromptu car sketches, but I have been able to complete three more iPad sketches. I have started a series of local pubs and hostelries but from reference photos taken at night and after my team meetings with the other half. Here are this week's efforts. I really enjoy doing these and I have a few more to do and a few more photos to take too.

After last week and Sam Newsam of Just Imagine UK having a stake in one of my paintings by painting some of the black on my border collie acrylic painting, Danielle decided she wanted to get into the action by grabbing the brush and helping with part of the edge of my commission piece. She did a great job and some may say it's the best part of the painting.


What else has been happening?......

This week saw a new scheme at the Haworth come into play. We have regular coach parties visiting the main gallery as well as our studios. It has been decided to give them the opportunity to select from a number of short talks and demonstrations as well as practical sessions run by members of the studios or gallery staff. This first session was delivered by Bernadette Daly who talked to two groups of ladies about her practice as an applied artist. They were delighted with the talk and the materials they took away with them. A great addition to what is always a wonderful day out and normally includes an excellent lunch or cream tea at the Gallery Kitchen.


Another studio member who has been very busy this week is Catherine Lansdale who trialled her first all day course on Friday. The topic was abstracts and six people attended for the day and had a thoroughly good time looking at different forms of abstract art and creating their own paintings using a range of materials supplied by Catherine. She has another day course coming up on the topic of coil pots using air drying clay. To book a place on this or any of her other courses, have a look at the social media sites or pop into the studios to have a chat with her.


Just Imagine UK have been busy this week in and out of the studios. They have held auditions to expand their team and have also run one of their ever popular pamper parties. This weekend event sees a number of young girls being pampered with mocktails, cakes and other delicious goodies, nail and hair bars and having a great get together with friends under the direction of Danielle and her team.

Just Imagine UK are also having a new website designed and as part of the development had some professional photos taken of members of the team. They are looking good and we can't wait to see the new website once it's launched.

Finally, as it was such a good week with regard to the weather, Just Imagine UK decided to decamp to the outside to write a script for 'Tales of the Riverbank' in preparation for an upcoming performance at an old peoples home. It will be an interesting event after hearing some of the script! enough said.


And Finally.....

It's been a very strange week as I've been finding hidden faces in everyday objects. Two really stood out to me and warranted a photograph. The first was a face seen on a piece of tissue I had been using to wipe my brushes. It just seemed to look back at me! The second was seen in the sink. There was a wet piece of paper stuck in the plug hole, and a face can be seen looking up to the top right of the photo. It looks like a lady looking through a veil. Unfortunately due to it's fragile nature, I couldn't preserve it and sell it for millions!

Now.... some people who have worked in, or have studio space here or have in the past, have experienced some very strange goings on particularly at night. Personally I haven't heard the strange noises like people coming down the stairs or the sounds of horses hooves. Neither have I experienced the moving around of objects or the strange locking of the toilet door when nobody is in. Some have said that this and others may be attributed to the late Anne Haworth who occupied the main house with her brother at the turn of the 20th Century. If I do experience anything like this though you will know about it!

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