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Studio Life

It was three's company this week as Catherine, Leo and myself occupied our studios for a week of head down and get on with our work kind of mentality. The tunes were turned up and the creative juices flowed as Catherine worked on her numerous portrait commissions and prepared herself for the many classes she teaches. Leo worked on some of his older paintings as he views them with cataract free eyes, and I carried on my acrylic animal theme and sketched whilst out and about. We also welcomed a number of visitors to the Studios and ran our short tours of the historic Motor House and Stables.

After last weeks blue lioness, I decided to do a pet portrait and worked on a larger two feet by one and a half feet canvas of a Border Collie. I have to say that I was delighted at the way this turned out, especially when I got the eyes in. I always leave these to the last minute as I really enjoy seeing the life jump into the painting, especially when the highlights are added.

This series of paintings are taking around three days each to complete and it's strange for me to not finish something in one sitting which I always do with watercolours. I am finding them really relaxing to do though and three days is just enough before I get bored of them. Watch this space for more examples as I've just agreed to do a very challenging animal portrait of a scale I've not tried before. This one may take longer than three days!!

I've also done another couple of iPad painting this week. I plan to do at least one of these a week and these were quite quick to complete. One is of an establishment in Parga, Greece called the Green Bakery, and the second one is of the local Coop painted from a reference photo I took after a visit to the local watering hole on a wet night. I loved how the blue of the sign really stood out and illuminated the road.

As well as working in the studio I've been working in schools with my educational consultant hat on. This has taken me to Birkenhead, Sale in Manchester and Preston this week and I managed to sketch at two of the locations. We also took a trip to the Fleetwood Freeport on Saturday and whilst the Missus perused Next and Bonmarche, I sat at a picnic table and sketched the view. Here are the three sketchbook works.


What Else Has Been Happening?........

As I mentioned earlier, Catherine Lansdale has been working hard in preparing her next teaching sessions. She had a large gig on Thursday when she did a live demo for Haslingden Art Group, a very daunting thing to do to be honest, as you need to engage the audience at the same time as shining as an artist. Apparently she went down well though! This Saturday she held the latest in her series of Learn to Draw classes at the Haworth. The subject this week was flowers, and some of the group braved the rose garden and drew live subjects.

Her other project is the mahoosive sign that she is planning on mounting in a tree in the car park guiding visitors our way. The sign is written.... the frame has been sourced..... and the mounting straps have arrived care of Amazon. The next step is to assemble the whole thing, varnish it and then corral a large team of beefcakes to hoist it into the said tree. Watch this space for the final creation.

Images from Catherines latest class....


Busy Bee held another of her children's craft courses at the Haworth this Sunday. These are fortnightly sessions are free and run on a drop in basis, as long as the children are accompanied by an adult. The topic this week was Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' The children were all engaged in designing and making their own Kings and Queens of the Fairies.


And Finally......

We were delighted to hear the great news that Danielle and her Just Imagine UK team won the 'Creative Business' category of the Hyndburn Business Awards held at Accrington Town Hall on Tuesday night. This lavish annual event brings together the best in local businesses and entrepreneurship, and as well as swooping the Team award, Danielle came a close second and won the Highly Commended Award for the Enterprising Woman of the Year. I'm sure you will agree that she, and the members of her team attending the awards evening scrubbed up very well.

For more about their activities and to inquire about booking the team for your own personal party or function, please have a look at their Social Networks.

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