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Studio Life

It's been the Famous Five again this week. I've been joined by Catherine Lansdale, Leo Crabtree plus Danielle and Sam Newsham from Just Imagine UK. Hannah Roach has also been in... I think, but because of her hours, we don't tend to meet up. A small but dedicated band of artists and performers!

I've been busy this week with a range of acrylic, watercolour and iPad paintings. I started the week by completing my blue lioness by adding some whiskers. My other acrylic painting was a red eyed tree frog. I love these dudes and just wanted to try and reproduce one on canvas. As I always do with the animals I ask my grandaughters to name them. The three year old named this one Feckius! So below is Feckius the Frog.

Sam Newsham from Just Imagine UK was very keen to team paint Feckius, so he did the top left square inch of the painting. Got to say he did a very good job don't you think? Not just a clever Harry Potter!

I have also tried my hand again at a watercolour painting. This local sketch was done from an old reference photo someone posted on Facebook. After seeking permission to reproduce it, I had to get out the watercolours and have a go. It's been a while since I've done a watercolour, and I found this one enjoyable as well. Nice to do something quick as the acrylics take a few days to complete.

As it's coming up to the summer holidays I've looked back at a few on my photos of Parga in Greece and reproduced a series on the iPad. I used a range of apps for these and just sitting in the evening with your whole art studio on your knee in the form of an art app is great. NO washing up or smell of turps. Here are the efforts done this week. More to come next week too.


What Else Has Been Happening...?

It's been a sign writing kind of week. Catherine is determined to get her Studio sign completed and hoisted into a tree in the car park. We are the best kept secret in Hyndburn and Catherine is on a mission to remedy this through a series of signs leading visitors to Haworth Park in our direction. I'm really intrigued to see this one develop especially in the final installation! I have to say that she has done a grand job in writing the sign. Here she is in the early planning stage.

Catherine also ran another in her series of Learn to Draw sessions at the Haworth on Friday. The theme was life drawing (clothed) and to prepare for this she created a great music playlist of songs with body parts in the title. Catherine, Sam and myself had a great game of Pop Master guessing the song titles and finding the hidden Brucie Bonus body parts that crop randomly in songs. Warning...don't try and identify the body parts in Amy Winehouse 'BACK to black', well not when kids are around anyway!


Just Imagine UK have been using their Studio to run one of their speciality parties for a very lucky birthday girl. The theme on this one was a slumber type teepee party. It was hilarious earlier in the week watching Sam Newsham assembling four teepee's in preparation. To his credit though the swearing was warranted as the instructions were dreadful. However once the first one went up successfully the others followed soon afterwards. His blackout curtains were also made expertly even though it cost Catherine a fortune in black sugar paper before they were cut to the right shape and size..... Oh and a roll of my sellotape also went! The final result looked worth it though an the girls had a great time with Danielle and her team.


And Finally....

We are waiting for the rain to stop so we can get outside and do some painting and drawing around the Haworth. Leo Crabtree and myself have plans to sit in the grounds and capture the trees and mix greens which are notoriously hard to get right. I've enjoyed Leo's recent lessons in colour theory and his explanation of the colour palettes he uses in his paintings. This comes after years of practice and teaching, so he knows what he's talking about.

Remember to pop along and see the Famous Five in their Studios if you are visiting the House. The current exhibition in the main Gallery is from the Accrington Camera Club and is inspirational, and of course there is always the Tiffany Glass to wonder over in its permanent display.

The Gallery Kitchen opens from 11.00am Tuesday to Sunday so why not take in an early snack before your visit.

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