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It's All About Me!!!!

Well it's been one of those weeks where Studio Life is all about me, as I've been the only person in there. To be honest I have seen Leo Crabtree for about five minutes before he went off in his caravan, and I know Hannah Roach has been in there after hours as the fridge is currently full of cake! Just Imagine UK have been absent as they have been running holiday clubs across the borough, but they hey have popped in to get changed, and I've been met by Hermione Granger and a Mermaid, but apart from that it's been all me. Just Imagine UK have their Cauldron College event on Sunday the 2nd, but I'll mention this next week when I've received a report on it along with some images.

Been on my own isn't necessarily a bad thing. I can turn up the music and dance all I like. The CCTV footage I'm sure would have been very interesting this week.

Painting wise I have been concentrating on more acrylic work and completed my gorilla canvas after three days of splashing around with black and white paint. I asked my Grandkids to name him and they came up with Grilty and Isabella, so this is Isabella Grilty!

I have also done another iPad painting, the subject of which was a bee on a lupin plant. I took the reference photo for this myself as a garden centre in Clitheroe last weekend, and it took me ages to get a decent shot. The bee against the vibrant colours of the flower really drew my attention and the will to get an image. I'm always looking everywhere I go with an eye of painting it or trying to work out how I would mix the colours of everything. I live my life in one huge watercolour. Here is the result, painted on the iPAd in the ArtRage app using the watercolour, pencil and pastel tools.

Back on Display...

It was lovely to get the opportunity to have my work on display at the Haworth main gallery again. I had the chance to have one of the free cabinets in one of the downstairs Gallery Rooms, thanks Yvonne Fullalove for the opportunity. I have put a few of my throwback images in there, these are my favourites out of the full set, more of which can be seen on my Studio wall.


What else has been happening?

Whilst the studios have seen tumbleweed, Catherine Lansdale continues to run her Friday and Saturday afternoon drawing courses. Here are the efforts of her students on the study of reflections and colour.


And Finally...

The opportunity to display my work at the House came about because the current exhibition was changed during the week from the Ribble Creative Stitchers, to Accrington Camera Club, who don't need the display cases. There is some superb photography on show from this local photographic club who meet at Norden High School in Rishton every Friday evening. This is really worth a visit and photographs from a wide range of genres are on display. The exhibition which spans both floors of the Haworth will be there well into July.

Thats All Folks! Just a short post this week. Lets hope there are more artists in residence next week so I can spread the love.

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