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Studio Life

I've been enjoying using acrylics over the past couple of weeks. It does mean I don't have as many paintings and drawings to share, as these take longer to produce, but it is great to see them emerge from the canvas over a period of days, but the results are very satisfying. It also means I can wear my new artists apron to protect my clothes. I am on the lookout now for a beret as I reckon that would really suit me. My latest acrylic is the tiger's head which took around three days to paint.

It did work out well though and looks good on the gallery wall.

I have also been out and about again working in schools. The other part of my working life is going into Primary schools to show teachers how to use a particular online resource. I love doing these sessions and it does mean a bit of driving. This week it wasn't that bad as I only had to go to Manchester to a school under the shadow of Manchester City's Emirates Stadium. I always try and arrive a little early to these sessions so I can sketch from the car. It's important to keep the sketching skills going. Here is my effort from the school car park.

I am also keeping my iPad art skills going and trying different things. This is the view from my seat at the studios. I have a great view up towards the house and gallery and decided to capture a digital sketch on the iPad and to mix up the colours too.

Finally my ice cream acrylic painting from last week went on my gallery wall and it was great to complete this one. I reckon three days is about my limit to work on a single piece, after which I tend to get bored and I don't want to make a boredom related error!


What else has been happening?....

Catherine Lansdale has spent most of the week either lying on the studio floor or standing up a ladder. There is a reason for this as she has been designated the studio signmiester. One spectacular studio sign directing people from the car park to the Studios will be tree based and I am looking forward to seeing the engineering that has gone into this one coming to fruition. The second sign has been expertly written above the Studio entrance and can be seen from miles around. Just a glance across to us from the house will show people where we are. Currently we are the best kept secret in Hyndburn and this needs to change. Her final sign is shown at the top of this issue.

Catherine also continues to run her Learn to Draw course and two have been delivered this week. To find out more about these, head over to her studio or on her Social Networking streams.


Just Imagine UK

Have been in and out this week. They did run a preschool event in their studio but I didn't get in early enough to catch Sam Newsham the bug explorer. The session was very well received though and you can find out more about these sessions as well as their other offerings on their Facebook page or by popping into the studio to meet them.

The Just Imagine UK team are starting to really gear up now for their Cauldron College event on the 2nd of June. This is shaping up to be a great day, but they do need to sort out the spiders in their Studio if they are not going to scare the heck out of parents. Gallery manager Yvonne Fullalove nearly jumped out of her skin when she paid them a visit this week. Job done!

Next week the team will be taking a break from their studio as they take their Holiday Clubs back to Accrington Town Hall where they expect to entertain tons of children during the week.


What else has been happening.....

We have welcomed quite a few visitors this week, a few groups have paid the gallery a visit and it's always nice to have them pop across and see us as part of their visit. They have also kept the Gallery Kitchen on their toes with the numerous lunch and afternoon teas they have served. They will also be very busy over the weekend as they have two weddings to cater for on Saturday and Sunday. The Haworth is a great venue for a wedding and there are lots coming up over the next few months.


The new display in the Petrol Store highlighting the history of the small but vital building has proved popular with some unlikely visitors as a we seem to have attracted bees to it. It has been fascinating seeing the comings and goings out of the eaves of the building. The display hasn't been affected as they are buzzing around the roof, so come and have a look at the old Rolls Royce owned by William Haworth and a rare photo of their chauffer.

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