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Studio Life

The Petrol Store at the Haworth

I've been busy again this week but I can't show one of the pieces as yet as it is a pet commission and the owner hasn't received the final painting. However I did produce a few other pieces between the normal stuff that happens in the studio.

I got out my favourite colours for the baboon sketch. I love working in Windsor red and Windsor blue for animal portraits. This image doesn't really show the vibrancy of colour but you get the idea.

The second of the pieces is a sea turtle which was inspired by the recent news articles on the way we are ruining the world's oceans and the way this affects the wildlife in it.

There is the possibility of a very exciting development with this painting, but I can't confirm this until May and only if it comes to fruition. Hopefully this wont be the last time I can show this painting.

The last image painted in the studio is of a new bar recently opened in the town of Accrington. The White Orchid is owned by a friend of my wife and it was a delight to attend the VIP opening of the venue and I knew I had to paint the building for them. Luckily they liked the sketch which I plan to gift to them.


What Else Has Been Happening?........

Catherine Lansdale ran the latest in her series of 'Learn to Draw' sessions in the Education Room at the Haworth. This week the focus was on skies and she had a great session with another lovely group of artists creating a range of sky paintings.

Catherine is planning a new range of workshop dates to watch this space and her website for details. You can also pop in to the studios and see her at work and find out what she has planned in the future.


Gaby Golden AKA House of Roesor has been experimenting with a couple of new techniques this week. Firstly she has been creating acrylic pouring paintings which are wonderfully colourful and unpredictable in nature. This involves using special pouring mediums and acrylic colours to create truly unique pieces of art. This is an exciting development in Gaby's practice and I look forward to seeing more of these.

Secondly, she has been taking her hand drawn art and using computers to distort the image to create a new and exciting digital piece which has been randomly altered by the software. She has had to learn new IT skills to do this and the results are great and you really don't know what you are going to get when she presses the Enter key on the keyboard. To see all her work, have a look at her Social Networks by searching for 'House of Roesor'.

One of Gaby's Acrylic Pours


1950's Evening

Saturday the 23rd saw a great crowd at the Haworth for the 1950's evening to raise funds for a defibrillator for the Art Gallery and Studios. I was really sad that I couldn't attend this night as this is a cause close to my heart...literally! This was a sell out event and included a meal prepared by the excellent Gallery Kitchen, and as well as interactive dancing demonstrations, there was a raffle and auction of donated items including a signed Accrington Stanley shirt (which is priceless!!!) and I was delighted to be able to add one of my paintings which I was chuffed to hear sold for £80 The total raised so far is around £650 which will go a long way towards a defib.

Great to see Rebekah and Bee enjoying the evening too


Open Studios

The last Sunday of the month is Open Studio day where we throw open the doors to visitors on a Weekend. This is an opportunity to see some of the artists at work and as this coincides with a very busy Mother's Day planned at the Haworth it might be a good opportunity to pick up an one off if not quite last minute gift for Mum or Granny. We will be open from Noon until 4.00pm, so if you are around why not pop in and say hello.


And Finally.....

Occasionally we get coach trips to the studios, and its great to welcome large groups to see us working. This week we got very late notice of a coach trip of over 40 ladies from a the Women's Institute based on the Wirral. The ladies were lovely and were very interested in our art. However, even the silver tongued Leo Crabtree couldn't get them to part with any cash! Lets hope we have more luck with sales when we have the next large visit this coming week, when we welcome over 50 more visitors!

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