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Studio Life

I've been feeling monochromatic this week. I don't know why, but I just fancied having a spell of painting using only black watercolour. I really enjoyed these paintings and it really worked with the animal paintings.

The lemur was the first painting and amusingly someone on Facebook commented that it looked like he had a hand around his neck. Didn't spot that when I was painting him.

Some may say it's a selfie.

I also painted another local view of Accrington. I love painting this place. It may not be the best shopping venue, but the architecture and backstreets are great for the artist. This is a view which really seemed to work in monochrome, I added red flashes to lead the eye across the painting too.

I did also get a chance to sketch from the car at Hyndburn Leisure Centre before my twice weekly rehab sessions. It is interesting to work around the cars coming and going and that is why the tree looks to be growing out of the vehicle as it wasn't there when I started. This is something I really enjoy, and I carry a sketchbook everywhere I go. You never know when an opportunity might crop up. It's a great way of remembering a place, and cements it in your mind better than a photo as you really need to look at a scene and take in all the detail.

iPad Workshop On Friday I held my second tablet workshop. The topic this week was watercolours and flowers seemed to be a great subject as they lend themselves to this subject. Morrisons came to the rescue with 6 primroses for £3 and a bunch of daffs for £1! which the delegates took home with them. The results were amazing as everybody produced different versions of drawing the flowers from life. Some bold and others very delicate, we also had a metallic version.

The next session will be held on Friday 29th March where we will be looking at landscapes based around the Haworth. I'm hoping for good weather as I will need everyone to disappear into the grounds to take a few reference photos.


What else has been happening?....

It seems to be a week of flower painting as Catherine Lansdale held another of her 'Learn to Draw' workshops in the Education Room at the Haworth. These popular sessions cover a range of topics and I think she has skies planned for next week, someone else hoping for good weather!

If you would like to know more about these workshops as well as the other topics she teaches, please drop Catherine a line, alternatively you can find details at the Haworth or her studio in the Stable. She also has posters in the display boards in the Haworth grounds.

Her specialism is portrait painting and if you are thinking of a portrait as present for a friend or relative, you would be hard pressed to find someone as accommodating as Catherine.


Gaby... AKA House of Roesor deputised on Sunday for Busy Bee AKA The Dinky Strumpet, who has been unwell, in running the latest fortnightly free children's drop-in workshop at the Haworth. As it was St Patrick's Day, the topic this time was decorating Shamrock Hats, and the results are great.

You can pop into the Haworth to pick up a workshop schedule or see Bee in her studio in the Motor House. Whilst you are there have a look at her excellent Junk Journals, a lovely gift.

Get well soon Bee!


Just Imagine UK ran two of their one hour children's experiences in their studio this week. These events see the children and accompanying adults have a book reading and activity session from one of their 150 different characters.

This week they were read a story by the Just Imagine fairy character and 'Ben the Bug Explorer', who hails from down South I think.....who brought the 'Hungry Caterpillar' to life. You can find out more about these events and book a place on these very popular sessions by visiting their various Social Media streams.


Planning Meeting

Friday evening saw some of the Motor House and Stables tenants come together for the inaugural brain storm and 'Jacob's Join' jamboree. To be honest I wish I had not had tea before hand. I'll know not to eat for a couple of days next time!

The main item of business was to decide how everyone who wants to be involved, could form part of the Just Imagine UK Cauldron College event on the 2nd June where they are taking over the house and gardens for this interactive family experience. There were lots of exciting ideas thrown into the mix and it was a very positive meeting. Gallery manager Yvonne Fullalove is always great where anything magical is concerned. She didn't let us down this time either with her encyclopaedic Harry Potter knowledge. There was also some confusing, but amusing talk around ironmongery which went over my head to be honest and I'm not sure whether there is an experience planned around this.