Studio Life

Autumn is well and truly here at the Haworth. The colours in the park are wonderful at the moment and we are sweeping up loads of leaves... and thats from inside the studios! It's now time to seal the doors for winter and keep the heat in. There have been lots of creatives in their spaces this week and it's been nice to catch up with everyone.

We are planning an open weekend at the studios next week on the 31st Oct and 1st Nov where you can come and meet the makers and pick up that unique bespoke Christmas gift. More information at the bottom of this post.

On the art front it's been a busy week for me as I am working my way through commissions and as such I can't show the work in progress. However I have done a couple of local watercolours, and someone on my Facebook page commented that she liked my... 'Slice of Life' paintings. I sort of like that, and here are the two. Please excuse the wonky perspective on the bus outside the Leisure Centre!

The other thing I've been enjoying is iPad painting, and these pieces are just for the heck of it. One of my favourite iPad art apps (Infinite Painter) has just had a big update and I have been playing with it this week on the subject of food. I have been trying different techniques and digital brushes on a number of edible subjects. I have to admit to being very happy with this set and they were hugely enjoyable to do. If you are reading this and own a cafe....wouldn't they look good as canvases on your wall! You have to try Lol.

Thanks for everyone who comments on my social media posts, your encouragement is very much appreciated.

Catherine Lansdale

Catherine had a bit of good news this week in that her Monday classes are starting up again. These normally take place at Hobbycraft in Bolton, but this isn't going to happen for a long time, so a different venue was needed. After a bit of furtling, she managed to find the Barlow Centre in Edgeworth in Bolton. We are looking forward to seeing the results as her students dust off the brushes again. On a different artistic style for Catherine, she made a piece of sculpture to be displayed at her hair salon in Ramsbottom. The Pink Rhino Salo are now the proud owners of her piece, which hangs on the salon wall. Thats free short back and sides for a while right there!

Finally this week for Catherine her online class undertook the difficult subject of autumnal trees. A tricky one, but as you can see they did very well.

Quirky Frog Studio

It has been very nice seeing Allison back in the studio after her bout of illness and forced isolation. All is well and we thank her for not bringing her cold into the studios! In her absence Jayne has been working solo, beavering away to fulfil her recent orders for bags, cushions and masks. There are some wonderful products coming out of their studio and the range of fabrics she manages to pick up are amazing. It's a good job that Allison is b