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Studio Life

Life in the studio rumbled on this week with the artists coming and going. It was nice to see Leo Crabtree back again briefly and he hasn't lost his touch. I spoke to a couple of visitors and showed them around the studios. I then introduced them to Leo who has the real gift of the gab and immediately sold them a painting Go Leo!

I've had a couple of commissions this week, one of which turned out to be a but funny in that I was asked to paint a lop eared bunny, but the subject in the final painting looked frightened. Version 2 seemed to go down can decide, but I reckon it looks quite cute. Another commission from last week can now be shown as the owner has received it and likes it. Always a nervous time waiting to hear the feedback when they see the actual image. This was my first horse painting and I really enjoyed doing it.

One painting I had to do was of our youngest Grandaughter having a drink from a glass. I loved the way her features were distorted and I had to try and capture this in watercolour.

I actually painted this at my art group in Whalley, but the sketch was completed during the day in the studio.

Another painting was of the amazing Meteora in Greece. A place I've visited and was amazed at the building prowess of the monks who constructed monasteries on the top of these rocks. There are seven of these structures which just seem to grow out of a flat landscape.

And finally I had to paint these elephants. Everyone loves and elephant, don't they? I did two versions of this painting with this one done using my favourite colours of Windsor Blue and Windsor Red with a touch of Indigo.

iPad Art Session....

On Friday I ran the first of my paid iPad Art sessions. Eight lovely people arrived at the Education room at the Haworth for a 1.00pm start where we looked at the ArtRage app and how it could be used for oil and acrylic painting, the subject being a bowl of fruit. The subject next week is digital watercolours, and if you want to book a place please contact me by clicking on the link on the menu above.

These sessions are designed for complete beginners and experts alike. You don't need to be an artist either, you just need the will to have a go at something new.


What Else Has Been Happening?........

This week it was World Book Day and Just Imagine NW really turned up the heat to entertain over 600 children in local schools. It is always great to see the team arrive as themselves and leave as someone completely different.

'Tonight Matthew I'm going to be Harry Potter'

I enjoyed the broomstick training and can imagine how much the children would like this. Looking forward to seeing this in it's full glory on the 2nd June Cauldron College event.

I still think they would clean up if they added Peppa Pig to their 150 characters and themes. However my suggestion just continues to fall on deaf ears! I would love to see Sam and Danielle jumping in muddy puddles....perhaps that image will have to stay in my head. #wewantpeppa


Let's go to the Hop (Oh Baby)...

The Haworth Art Gallery and Friends of the Haworth are organising a 50's Diner and Rock and Roll Night to be held at the Haworth itself on the 23rd March.

The event is to raise funds for a Defibrillator for the Gallery and the Studio Block. The catering will be done by Simon and his excellent team at the Gallery Kitchen.To book places please see the details below and start dusting off your Brothel Creepers!


And Finally.....

We have known for a while, but the news became official this week that the Art Garden will close at the end of the month. It isn't all bad news though as the reason for the closure is that Rebekah has had a great offer to relocate to Northern Ireland to establish a similar business with a couple of friends there. This is an opportunity she simply can't turn down. Hopefully someone may take on the Art Garden and carry on the great work she has done there over the years.

I will miss Rebekah... I'll miss the trail of glitter that follows her around, that I keep finding all over the house and my wife asking where the glitter comes from! I'll miss her coming into the studios and nicking our milk, sugar and toilet rolls, I'll miss the washing up she leaves behind after her bowls of skinny chips and mayo from the Gallery Kitchen, I'll miss her coming in and lying on the floor and laughing her head off! and I'll miss her chats where she sets up home in the studios to share her humour and wisdom.

We wish her all the best in her new venture... Londonderry have no idea what is about to hit them. Rebekah will be more of an impact than any Brexit Backstop! I can't wait to see the children of NI sat in beans with pasta on their head. Perhaps it could become the new National Dress!

Good luck Rebekah and keep smiling!!


Well that's it....

We have welcomed a number of visitors this week and we are proving to be a great place to pop over to before the Gallery opens at Noon. If you are there to look at the Tiffany Glass or to see the latest exhibitions, remember that we are just across the car park and look forward to greeting you. Things are always changing in here with lots to see, and if I'm there I'll give you the tour.... I might also wear my official tour guide badge.

Oh and did I mention my next iPad and Tablet Art Course next Friday at 1.00pm at the Haworth...Ah yes I did..