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Studio Life

This week has been taken up with being excited about, and planning, my first iPad Art Workshop. I held this at the main house on Friday afternoon, and was joined by 20 others who were eager to learn about how tablets could be used to produce art. This first free taster session will be backed up by 4 more Fridays in March where a more interactive workshop will be run and delegates will have their own tablets and software to use. These sessions will cover such topics as digital oils and acrylics, watercolours and sketching using digital pastels and charcoal.

The session seemed to go down well according to the feedback and the comments from Yvonne the Gallery manager who also sat in on the session. I'm looking forward to the next one, and if you are interested on coming, please let me know. There will be a charge of £10 for each workshop.

I did produce other work during the week but as some of this was commission work I can't yet display it here until the paintings have reached their owners. I did however produce a watercolour of a view of St Chad's Church in Shrewsbury. A lovely building a super town in which to spend a weekend and have 'team meetings'


What else has been happening?......

The Haworth held their Wedding Fair on Sunday 17th and to coincide with this some of the artists decided to open and take advantage of the enhanced footfall and display our wares, so to speak. This 'some artists' turned out to be me in the end, but it proved to be a very successful visit and I had the good company of Just Imagine who were in planning their workshops for the week. More about these further down.


Catherine Lansdale ran the first in her latest series of 'Learn to Draw' workshops. This coincided with my iPad session and Catherine took herself and her artists up to the Education Room for an afternoon of sketching plants. The session was very well received, I know this as some of her students came down to the Music Room to chat with me and they all said what a wonderful time they had. Contact Catherine for details of her popular courses through her website, Eventbrite, the Haworth or you can come and see her in person beavering away in her studio in the Stables and Motor House where you can marvel at her portraits.


It has been nice to see our latest tenant Hannah Roach spending some time in her studio this week. I haven't seen her much to be honest, as the times when we are in don't always coincide. But I know she has been around as you can always follow the trail of 'Constellation' pieces back to her studio. She was delighted to sell the second one of these works and the large format cutout is proving very popular. It makes a change from following a trail of glitter to Rebekah Carter back to the Art Garden.

Not following the yellow brick road....but the constellation cutouts!


And Finally.... Just Imagine NW hold the first of their one hour Experiences for children in their studio this Monday. These Half Term sessions will cover themes from Island Experience, Unicorn Fairy Experience, Wonderland Experience and Pixie Hollow Experience and will be held from Monday until Thursday from 10am until 11am. Places are still available via Just Imagine's website of social media streams. You could also find out more by popping into the studio. It was nice to see them in on the Open Studio as they came as Danielle and Sam and left as very convincing Harry Potter and Prof. Mcgonagall to entertain children at a private party. I can't wait to see the characters this coming week, and seeing the children's faces!

Preparing for the Island Experience on Monday 18th Feb.


Don't Forget!...The next creative late themed life drawing session takes place on the 28th Feb. This will be an Andy Warhol evening, and Catherine is busy recruiting models for the event. So far I hear that Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie and Elvis as well as Andy himself will be making an appearance. This is an informal sketching session where the bar will be open to help the juice and ink flow. Tickets at £5 still available from the Haworth or via the contact on the poster below.

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