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Studio Life

Its been a head down and get the commissions completed this week. I've had three dogs and a cat to paint and fire them off to their new owners, who were happy thanks goodness. Unfortunately I can't show these paintings until they have reached their final destinations.

I did decide to have a go at Whitby lighthouse at the end of one day, and used some bright colours to try and get a sense of summer into the painting. This only took around 30 minutes to complete once the first splash of paint had hit the paper.

In this painting the paper was soaked first and the paint applied directly onto the sketch and allowed to mix wet in wet as and how it wanted. That's the beauty and the frustration of using watercolour. This time it seemed to work out ok, but this isn't always the case!

The other sketch done this week that I can show is a study of shells in watercolour. No reason really, but I was after capturing the colours and textures.

I had a nice surprise this week when the author of a new play having its run in Audenshaw later this month contacted me with the final advertising graphics, including a huge banner stand with the artwork I was commissioned to create for it. The brief was quite open, but needed a WW1 soldier carrying a teddy bear. I did lots of iPAd sketches and acrylic work before getting to the final piece. I also can't wait to go and see the play.

Limited prints of the original painting will be sold with the proceeds going to Child Action North West, a local charity.

Finally for me, I was excited to hang my exhibition of Throwback paintings and iPad canvases in the Education corridor on the first floor of the Haworth. These paintings evoke memories of my youth and some visitors have already commented the same. The exhibition will run until the beginning of March, so if you are visiting the Haworth please pop up to the Education corridor and have a look, you never know it may spark a memory for you too!

What Else Has Been Happening?

It was a big exhibition change over this week as the Amazing Accrington installation came down and the Open Focus was mounted. This is a display of four selected artists from the Annual Open who have a part of the Haworth each to mount a larger collection of their works. This is always a stressful day, but it went very well...apparently, with very little hair pulled out in the process. I have not had a chance to have a good look yet, but I plan to highlight this exhibition next week. It will be in place for two months, so you have loads of time to pay it a visit. There is a lot of very diverse work and I guarantee some of it will spark off artistic discussion.

The Art Garden have been having a bit of a spring clean, but even so, they have still found the time to sit babies in beans and cover them in pasta! All great fun and they are very popular sessions. If you want to book a spot for your children in the many and varied things Rebekah has to offer in The Art Garden, then pop along to her Facebook page and see the times and ways to book a session.

Just Imagine NW continue their expansion and have announced exciting new initiatives since the start of 2019. To this end they are looking for more staff and performers to support their activities and auditions have been held this week. It is always nice to hear the nervous yet excited interviewees audition by performing and singing songs from the shows.

I have to say I'm tempted to audition myself. I reckon I could do a good Rex Harrison rendition of 'I've grown accustomed to her face' from My Fair Lady or something from Jane and Michael Banks' Dad from Mary Poppins, my kind of singing is that talking!

Lets hope they manage to find the right people to add to their ever expanding repertoire of characters....You never of them could be me :-)

The Dinky Strumpet - 'Bee' has been showing that it isn't all about art at the studios and she has been collecting for the Red Box Project Rossendale. This initiative is designed to eliminate period poverty by providing free sanitary products to girls in schools across the Rossendale Valley. Following her successful collection, Joanne from The Red Box Project popped along to the Stables to collect the donations. A great cause!

And Finally........

Open Studio Events - As advertised, we hold Open Studio events on the last Sunday of every month. This month we are also throwing open the doors to visitors on the 17th February. This coincides with the Wedding Fair to be held at the Haworth Art Gallery, so if you are planning on visiting the wedding event, then why not pop across the courtyard and see some of the artists at work.

You never know you might even spot a good idea for a bespoke wedding gift in the process!

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