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Studio Life

It's been a gorgeous week at the studios, but the snow returned and this time it did cause some disruption and kept a few of us away from our little corners of heaven. It still didn't stop us from producing work though, and those who were in were very busy.

I've decided to do more sketching from the car, and have managed to achieve this three times, twice from the car park of the local leisure centre which I visit, and one from the car park of a school in Liverpool I was working in. My efforts at car sketching can be seen below and each one took a maximum of 15 minutes. They are shown alongside my other efforts for the week.

The other thing that is occupying my time is preparing my exhibition at the Haworth which is mounted next week. This will be a display of my throwback paintings from my youth. Things that remind me of growing up in the 60's and 70's. Come along and see how many of these things you can remember too. Saturday was taken up with framing and mirror plating the works ready for hanging on Tuesday. I'll also be showing a few of my iPad works in support of my free demonstration on iPad art which is being held on the 15th February, registrations are coming in quick and fast, so if you want a spot please contact me on the link at the top of the page.

I'll show the Throwback exhibition next week, but to whet your appetite, this is the poster.

What else has been happening?

As I've said, the snow arrived again this week at the Haworth. Nowhere near as bad as it did in the South of the UK and Scotland, but it was just enough for 'Bee' to get out there and create a snow angel. Oh how we laughed.

When she is not lying in the snow getting wet through, Bee has been completing her wonderful junk journals. Number 3 is well on it's way and the first two are on display and for sale. She has also created some pocket journals which are a delight and also for sale in her studio. One large piece that has just been completed and on display is her moth. This is beautifully made and displayed in a glass cube, the bottom of which caused quite a lot of discussion in the studio last week. Personally I think she made the right decision to leave it blank and concentrate the attention on the moth. This is the first of a series and we are looking forward to the next one.

Leo Crabtree - one of the first tenants in the studios has had his operation to remove cataracts this week. We all wish him well and we are convinced he will be back in the stables keeping Hannah company very soon. I am sure it won't prevent him from taking his beloved holidays either as he travels the globe collecting references for his very popular paintings. Leo is always up for a chat and loves demonstrating his working practices and how he achieves the effects he does.

Get well soon Leo and get back to your studio!

Gabrielle Golden (House of Roesor) This week Gaby stepped into the breach and deputised for 'Busy Bee' and ran her free Valentine Card themed workshop for children in the Education Room in the main house. These fortnightly sessions are run on a drop in basis, so no need to book. The children will need an adult to accompany them during the session, but we are finding the adults are having just as much fun as the children. Pop in to pick up a leaflet and see what workshop sessions are planned right throughout 2019.

You will also find Gaby in the Motor House side of the studios where she continues to build a body of work of hand sketched ink drawings coloured up on the computer in Photoshop. These are very impressive and I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a workshop coming in the future to demonstrate her skills.

Hannah Roach - is settling in well and managing to spend time in her studio. She showed off her space to lots of her friends and relatives last weekend when they visited the Open Studio event. It was nice to meet them all and I'm sure they enjoyed their tour. I think they enjoyed lunch at the Gallery Kitchen too.

This piece of hers sold last week and she is busy creating a second work based on a similar theme.

I for one am looking forward to seeing Hannah create more work as it is exciting and diverse.. She works big and colourful, and I'm sure her works will be popular with the visitors.

Finally - Remember, as well as studio life there is also a vibrant Art Gallery housing the finest Tiffany glass collection outside of the US, well worth a visit. The Amazing Accrington Exhibition comes down this week and will be replaced by selected artists from the Open Exhibition. It will be all go as one display gets replaced by another, so it will be drills, screwdrivers and spirit levels at 10 paces with all hands on deck. All good fun according to Gallery Manager Yvonne!

We hope to see you in the future, and if you do pop across to the Studios and say hello, you will always be welcome.

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