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The first snow of the season fell on the Haworth this week, and whilst it only lasted a day, it was lovely and didn't cause any disruption. There's still time!

This week has seen more of the artists at home which always makes for a creative atmosphere and the chat has been hilarious at times. You always know things are going to get funny when Rebekah from the adjacent Art Garden 'pops in' for a chat with myself, Bee and Gaby, more about the Art Garden later.

At the start of the week I picked up two paintings from the professional framers, Rainbow Gallery in Great Harwood, as I've been selected to hang them in the Longtitude Gallery in Clitheroe as part of their new 45's permanent exhibition. Around 25 artists who have exhibited there before are hanging two works which must measure 45cm square. The 45's also get to be part of the gallery online store. The two paintings produced specifically for this project are both views of Clitheroe and I plan to add more of the Ribble Valley in the future. These and the other paintings done this week are shown below.

Registrations for my upcoming iPad workshop/demonstration are coming in thick and fast . This is mainly a demonstration of what can be done on an iPad as an art tool. It isn't a drawing course, but if people enjoy this session and decide they want to take it further, then I'm running 4 more actual workshops where people will need to invest the price of a coffee or two in apps. If you want to book a spot on the free awareness workshop then drop me a line by clicking the contact tab above.

What else has been happening?

Open Studio

It has been a very creative week which culminated in our monthly Open Studio event where we get as many artists and makers in residence whilst we throw open the doors to public. Whilst these are working studios, we do open to visitors during the week, but the 'Open Studio' is our official monthly throw-down so to speak. This week myself, Bee, Catherine, Gaby, Leo and Hannah enjoyed the company of many visitors who saw us at work and had a chance to see the diversity of the type of things we all do.

The Open Studio is a great excuse for me to wear my special badge made for me by Margaret who works in the Gallery. I have developed this reputation for the guy who likes to give the public tours around our

workspaces. Thanks Margaret!

'Bee' Aka 'The Dinky Strumpet' has been very busy making some beautiful 'junk journals'. So far she has completed two, one with a woodland theme and the second with an Eastern theme. A third which is nearing completion will have an 'Elegant and Decadent' style and I can't wait to see it finished. These would make a wonderful event journal for say a Wedding or Christening, and Bee will be making these to order if people have a specific theme or purpose in mind. Below is a gallery of images from these journals, but as literally each page is different, it;s hard to do them justice in photos. You can learn more about these and more of Bee's work on her Dinky Strumpet Facebook Page HERE

Gaby Golden 'The House of Roesor - This week Gaby has been injecting a lot of colour into her work as she rediscovered her love for digital illustration. Her work is hand drawn and coloured up on the computer using Photoshop, and the results are stunning and quite a departure from her 'usual' methods of working. Gaby is always happy to talk about her methods and her work is well worth a visit to the studio to see on her wall.

And Finally for this episode.... if you are looking for somewhere to entertain your children of hold a party, then Rebekah Carter of the Art Garden may be worth contacting.

The Art Garden is based in the old potting shed adjoining the Studio Stables Block. Rebekah is an expert at messy play, and I mean MESSY play. Her Baby Buds sessions involve lots of baked beans and pasta, and the children and adults can all be heard laughing as you pass her studio. Rebekah is also going to start a new round of workshops for adults (sitting in beans is optional) and these have proved very popular in the past. The photos of her sessions are brilliant and can be found on her Facebook page.... to find out more click HERE

Well that's it for this episode. There is so much to talk about, but it can't be crammed into a single post. I will be back next week with tales of more shenanigans from the Haworth....thanks again for reading!

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