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Studio Life

It's been a very quiet week for me in the studio as my other stuff took over a bit and I found myself working in schools in York, Salford and Manchester. Studio time was very short, but I did manage to get some time in there and produced three pieces. I have enjoyed getting the gouache paints out again and I'm experimenting on something a bit different using these paints. Here are the three I managed to complete this week. The bike paintings are going well and I'm thoroughly enjoying doing these. I'm taking commissions if anyone has a favourite bike or wants a painting of their own machine or has a friend or partner with one. Just get in contact using the above link.

My iPad Workshops

I mentioned in the last episode that I was planning on running a series of iPad art workshops. Well the dates have now been set and the first free awareness session will be held at the Haworth Art Gallery on Feb 15th starting at 1.30pm. This session will show you what can be achieved on the iPad, and indeed other tablets. No experience is needed or artistic ability to be honest. The session will be a demo of a few apps and what enjoyment can be gained from using a tablet for art.

The follow up sessions will be held every Friday afternoon in March and will be costed at £10 per session. I will be publicising these on social media and at the Haworth, but if you want to book a slot on the free session just contact me above.

What else is happening?

Many of the other artists have been absent from the studios this week too, it's just been one of those weeks I suppose. Just Imagine have been holding auditions in their base and Sam has been working hard on their Feature wall. It's starting to come together a bit now and should look great once it's finished.

Our new tenant, Hannah has been busily moving in and making her space her own. We look forward to seeing what she produces as she spends more time in the studios. You can meet her and see some of her stuff at the Open Studio event next Sunday (27th Jan)

Gabby (House of Roesor) has been experimenting with gouache paints too, and has also been working on her website to show off what she has been doing, Gabby is also planning to be there for the Open Studio event.

Catherine Lansdale is running another set of learn to draw sessions at the Haworth starting next month. Full details of these sessions and how to book can be found on her website or Facebook page. You can also pop in and pick up a leaflet from the House or the Studios.

Open Studios

We are holding our monthly Open Studio session this coming Sunday (27th January) this is where as many of the artists as possible will be working in their spaces, and it is a great opportunity to come and have a look at our wonderful studio building and what we spend our time doing in there. The studios will be open from Noon and there is the fortnightly free music event happening at the house too.

I will be doing my monthly painting give away. I'll be painting something on the day and will hold a draw to give away the original work. Pop along if you want your name to go in the hat!

Creative Late

And finally, the date and theme has been set for the next creative late. This is a clothed life drawing session based on an artistic theme. This session will be an Andy Warhole event and the Haworth staff are already talking about the various costumes and characters they will be dressing up as. I'm looking forward to seeing who turns up as a tin of Campbells Tomato Soup!

Doors will open at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start. No previous artistic experience is necessary, and to be honest the bar will be open for the non-drivers to help you get your creative juices running.

There will be competitions and prizes throughout the evening too with a Pop Art theme.

Tickets at £5 can be purchased online, phone or from the Haworth Art Gallery. Details on the poster.

It's been a quiet week, but there is still a lot going on around here. Please come and visit next Sunday and see what all the fuss is about, you will always be made welcome, and we are open throughout the week as long as one of us is in residence. If you are visiting the Haworth and the Tiffany Glass, come across and see the extension to the house where the Rolls Royce and horses used to be kept!

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