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I've decided to record my time in the studio at the Haworth Art Gallery through a regular post on here. Lots happen during a week as there are many facets to working there and lots of interesting people to write about. However it needs a bit of background to set the scene first. I had the opportunity to bag a space at the 'Stables and Motor House Studios' in February 2018 after a life changing medical event. I've produced art for 10 years, but this pushed me into doing something more regular, seeing as most of my other work went in a heartbeat...literally. I can't work at home as there are too many distractions and the chance of a studio came up after a chance Facebook post from Gallery managed Yvonne Fullalove. I moved into one of the studios in the Motor House side of the newly converted block. This is where William Haworth the original house owner kept his cars and carriage, whilst the other half, the Stables, is where the horses were kept. Both sides have been wonderfully restored with a successful Heritage Lottery bid.

There are currently eleven of us occupying the space with a couple of them being businesses which work from there, Theatrical group Just Imagine NW are one of these, and their characters have kept us amused of late. It's not been unusual to see lots of elves and the odd unicorn milling about. These guys really inject some energy into the place!

As well as the studios, there is the Art Garden housed in to old potting shed next to us, lots of young children and babies are entertained here, I still can't get my head around the kids covered in baked beans in the messy play, but it's very popular, they have lots of activities and again I'll be writing about them too. Finally, as well as the Haworth Gallery, which houses the greatest collection of Tiffany glass outside the US, more about their exhibitions in later posts, there is also the Galllery Kitchen, a lovely cafe and Bistro based in the gallery house. They will be getting a mention. In fact we had lunch there today, and their creamy mushrooms on GF toast with a side order of chips is amazing...once in a while.

Well that's us, a varied group of people all producing very different work and all with different personalities which should makes for a very creative and interesting life. I'll be talking about the individuals and what they are producing as the year goes on. It's still a bit quiet as yet after the holiday period, but it should all get going again soon. It's going to be an interesting 2019 and are always open for people to pop in and look at our work or the studio block itself which has a great back story which we are always delighted to explain.

We have exhibitions planned, and four of us have just completed a very successful month long exhibition in Accrington Library where we displayed a range of 2d and 3d applied art pieces. We have booked the same space again for later this year, and its great to exhibit in a building that has a history with William Haworth of the Haworth Art Gallery

We all feel very lucky to be working in such a historic and beautiful building and I want to try and share some of that in these posts. There is also the rumour of ghostly goings on which some tenants have experienced, I haven't myself but if there are any more I will be letting everyone know!

Finally, if you are looking for a studio space yourself and fancy joining our family, there is currently a studio available in the Stables side of the studios. One of these....

Come and join the mad house and be creative around other artists.

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