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100 Days of Social Distancing

During the first 2020 lockdown we were all working away from our studios having had to leave and work from home. I decided that this was not going to affect my art and that I was going to find an urban sketching voice and style. I started to develop my style by sketching out and about, until the government stopped us from hanging about outside. I then had to work from photos taken on out daily walks. These grew into a large body of traditional and iPad sketches.

I kept sharing these on social media and was asked by a number of people to put these into a book as a historical reference of what happened in a really strange time. The result was the '100 Days of Social Distancing' book. 


The '100 Days of Social Distancing' book went on sale fro £12 and sold very well in the run up to Christmas. It contains 130  sketches and accompanying notes and thoughts.

Since the publication I have been continuing my local sketching journey with a view to a second volume of sketches.

These are currently under way and I am excited to be able to compile these and hopefully add to the historical record of the effects of Covid on the locality.

To get your copy of Volume 1 contact me directly and I will arrange a copy for you at £12 plus P&P

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