Originals and prints

Not everything I paint ends up on my Etsy Shop. I paint so much that it would be impossible and very expensive to do so. You can buy from me and see all my art on my Facebook page or Instagram Feed. You can see these by clicking the black buttons on the header above. My Instagram feed can be accessed by hovering over the 'Gallery' Tab on the menu. This shows all my art.

If you see something you like, please send me a message using the Contact link above.


I am always delighted to sell a piece of work, and currently I have my paintings hung in lots of locations across the UK and overseas. If you would like a commission of a location or animal portrait then please contact me to discuss the details.


As a guide I charge...

A4 - Original £75

A4 - Print £40

A5 - Original £50

A5 - Print £30

Acrylic Canvas Paintings - Please contact to discuss